More than Conquerors

Now, in all these things we are are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. Romans 8: 37 More than several years ago I was a history teacher. World History, American History, Government, etc. I enjoyed a lot about teaching but my favorite moments were the light bulb moments. Light bulb moments happened when … More More than Conquerors

“But” obedience

Sometimes I feel like I do all the right things and try my darndest but see zero results for my efforts. No matter what “formula” I follow, it never seems to be the right one. This happens in my regular life and in my spiritual walk. With regards to my spiritual walk, this frustration can … More “But” obedience

I am A Child of God

Before you start reading today’s post, I want to warn you. Today’s post is very… Greek. This isn’t a post with “Three things I’ve learned about _Blank_” but it’s a post about my process. Is a small look at how I will occasionally analyze a verse to make it more mult-dimensional for my own personal … More I am A Child of God

Why I don’t address trending topics

Bloggers, Tweeters, Social Media Influencers — they know that “trending topics” make for good statistics. Comments, re-tweets, shares, likes, and visits are up when the conversation is a subject that people feel passionately about. Well, they feel passionate for the present at least. As a society, we are so saturated in information and the latest … More Why I don’t address trending topics