Paper Picture Art

If you were to meet me, you would probably think that I’m a pretty organized person. I know this because more than one person has communicated to me this perception. Laughter always ensures because the truth is — I’m really good at hiding the fact that I’m pretty disorganized. There are lists everywhere that I … More Paper Picture Art

Mission: Curacao

As previously posted, I’ve launched an Etsy shop to help raise funds for a variety of causes. Of course, things are slow moving at the beginning but every little bit counts! And that first little bit that I raised went to Curacao. I already told you this here but I’m sure you’re not keeping detailed … More Mission: Curacao

The First Three

Do you remember your Lit. teachers telling you exactly what they author was trying to convey when they placed purple flowers on the table instead of white ones? No? Okay, so sorry about that. But I do. And I hated it! Were you the author? Did you know that author? Did the author leave an … More The First Three