2 Things God wants you to remember when you’re frustrated

There are moments and places in life that always seem to be close memories. Even as distance grows, the memory feels only a moment away. These are generally the large, life-impacting moments in life — the death of a loved one, the birth of a child, or a once in a lifetime experience. Lately, I’ve … More 2 Things God wants you to remember when you’re frustrated

More than Conquerors

Now, in all these things we are are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. Romans 8: 37 More than several years ago I was a history teacher. World History, American History, Government, etc. I enjoyed a lot about teaching but my favorite moments were the light bulb moments. Light bulb moments happened when … More More than Conquerors

Talking VIPKid

For years I’ve given my husband a hard time about going to bed so early. I’m not talking 10 p.m. (although for some that would be early). No, he would start talking about bed as early at 7: 30! There wasn’t any great mystery to this behavior because he was often up and moving before … More Talking VIPKid

“But” obedience

Sometimes I feel like I do all the right things and try my darndest but see zero results for my efforts. No matter what “formula” I follow, it never seems to be the right one. This happens in my regular life and in my spiritual walk. With regards to my spiritual walk, this frustration can … More “But” obedience