Not just an “And”

I was glad when I saw the post that they shared to recognize our Pastor’s wife. I was happy that they were recognizing the work that she did. The comments began to flood in as everyone expressed their love and thanks. I had witnessed many times that she had sacrificially given and I knew that … More Not just an “And”

Embrace the Ponder

The cursor blinks back at me. It awaits a key stroke that is slow to come. Yesterday, it blinked until the screen closed. Today, doesn’t feel much different. Writing has been a very labored task for me lately. But it’s not for lack of words. In fact, I feel like I’m blazing new trails, exploring … More Embrace the Ponder

Behind the Art: Roar

For the most part, I qualify as an organized person. I don’t often forget appointments and my house looks put together. Paperwork is submitted in a timely fashion and I almost never pay the bills late. However, the reality is, I’m relatively disorganized. Sure, you might find that travel mug you’re looking for with the … More Behind the Art: Roar