Wisdom from A Vintage Trailer

The future often requires that we say good-bye to our past.

It doesn’t always ask that we shed everything. It allows us to keep a few memories stored in boxes and a smattering of photos, knick-knacks, and other assorted items to remind us of that one time.

However, the fact remains — we can’t hold onto the old and expect the new to happen.

Sometimes that old thing is an actual thing. Take for example, the vintage trailer we bought in 2016.

After watching the adoption that we had spent years of our lives praying, waiting, and paying for fall apart, we bought ourselves a 1972 Shasta trailer. She needed a lot of work to repair the more-than-we-thought water damage. But eventually we got there and immediately headed out to Texas.

That trip to Texas was exactly what we needed to heal, re-group, and plant new dreams. We took many amazing trips with that trailer we loving called Eileen over the years. We built some wonderful memories.

But 2019 changed a lot of things for us. We moved, applied for new positions, and began planning for a future we didn’t see coming. It’s not a bad future — just one that God hadn’t decided to share until this year.

Sadly, that future didn’t have room for Eileen so we shined her up and sold her to an adorable couple.

Eileen represented so many things — she was never just a trailer in our minds and hearts. She was something so much more.

But time marches on and so must I.

I can be pushed into some sort of future kicking and screaming and holding on to all that I consider important.

Or I can assess what’s really important, skim down, and move into my future with bright eyes and less to worry about. After all, the future comes with enough worries of it’s own.

Maybe you don’t have a vintage trailer and maybe God’s planted you in a specific time for an unknown length of time so “possessions” aren’t your problem.

But we all have dreams for ourselves that never happened. And we all have ideas about what life should look like. And, whether or not you admit it, you have a plan for your future life.

It’s okay to have all those things! Truly, it is.

However, we can’t get so caught up in disappointment of lost dreams or the jealousy of the “shoulds” or even the plans for the future that we forget to listen to God’s leading.

His plans are better than our. His ways are far superior. It’s time to enjoy the ride that He has planned and forget about the other stuff. You gotta have faith, faith, faith…

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