Questions about Prophetic Art

There isn’t much talk about it here on the blog but I’m an artist. Granted, I use the word “artist” pretty loosely but it’s the most applicable. I enjoy painting with watercolor, acrylics, and oil pastels.

My love of art doesn’t stop with my own creative process. I’ve volunteered with a local art community, I’ve sold art at art fairs, visit art museums (even when everything is in Greek!) and I attend every art related event that’s possible for me.

I’ve seen art in countless forms and with varied purposes. Often, I find that the artist has a “theme” in their creations. It may be nature or recycled material or paper or famous people. It’s not uncommon to find political themes, social themes, or even religious themes.

The art dedicated to the occult has always grieved my Christian spirit but this last time it did something a little bit more.

At this most recent event, I walked by the table of a local artist. She was selling a variety of crystals and spell candles. But she was also selling a service — Tarot Card readings.

I watched as she read the cards for gentleman.

There were prayers and thoughts that followed that encounter and still it has not left me. Strangely, it’s not the first time I’ve witnessed the event — but it’s the first time it shifted something in me.

This shift has had me thinking about Christian art/prophetic art (whatever you wanna call it). For sake of clarity, I’m going to refer to it as “Prophetic Art” because I think of them as two different things.

“Christian Art” simply has a Christian theme. The person creating doesn’t have to be Christian but they make something that is representative of a Christian event/person. I think about da Vinci’s “The Last Supper.”

“Prophetic Art” is created by a Christian in order to convey a Christian message. This is often more abstract and less to the point.

Without expanding upon this point, I want to clarify that there is a different between Christian art, Prophetic Art, and the Christian Artist. The Christian Artist is important. A “Christian Artist” is using their talents to create something beautiful. It’s not necessary Christian but it’s an overflow of a gift.

With clarifications out of the way, I want to talk more about Prophetic Art.

If I’m honest, a lot of it is sub-par. Wait, Wait! I know creating something and put it out there isn’t easy. I don’t want to discourage anyone from creating what they feel God is calling them create! By all means, be obedient! Follow that call! Make that thing for the glory of God!!

However, not everything that gets created needs to be made available for the public to buy.

Even if it’s excellent, a lot of it is very “Christian Bookstore.” Again, there’s nothing wrong with this! It can be very beautiful — for a “Christian home” or a Pastor.

However, does God only make art to speak to Christians?

This train of thought has left me pondering my own art and my own creative process. It’s left me asking some difficult questions that I’m just now starting to answer —

Can Prophetic Art actually be something AMAZING?

Does it have to scream “Christian”?

Can it be “modern” and acceptable to many homes?

Can an artist work to create pieces that speak to the masses as well as very individual pieces that speak to shadowed places in a person’s life?

Can prayers be infused into the canvas like Paul’s cloths? Can it be infused into the artist’s medium?

Can an artist’s creation allow the Spirit to have a place in any home?

If so, how?

How can an artist create something infused with the Holy Spirit that speaks to more than just Christians?

How can Heavenly imagery be translated with a paintbrush?

There were more questions than the few I’ve listed here but these were the most definitive. Many of the questions I’ve been asking are more abstract and woolly.

And I’ve not found many answers.

However, I’ve been doing the two most important things — I’ve prayed about it. Also, I’ve been begun exploring with my creative talents.

I’m not really sure where this journey is taking me but I’m sure I’ll be sharing more as the weeks go by. 🙂

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