I call him “daddy”

The older I’ve gotten, the more difficult gift giving has become. It’s not that I don’t want to give my dad something amazing — I just have not idea what else he possible wants/needs.

I have the same issue on Mother’s Day and Christmas.

It would probably be easier if my dad super-techie. If he were, then I might buy him something like an electronic tire gauge.

If he were a germ freak like my husband, then I might buy him something to sanitize his phone/watch/misc.

Amazon has these gifts and so much more. (And with Prime, you can ensure that it gets to Dad before Father’s Day! Okay, gift ideas that might make me a little money aside….

My dad is a little bit of each and none of those things. My dad is something so much better than one category.

My dad is what some might call “traditional.”

He knows how fix things — and if he doesn’t know then he finds a video on YouTube to learn. Before YouTube, it was a trip to the library.

He grills meat and eats ice cream. He makes the best barbecue chicken and he’s always up for a trip to DQ.

He’s funny and okay with “letting his hair down” even though he doesn’t have as much as he use to.

He’s smart but not because he went to college. He’s lived, made mistakes, and learned.

He loves Jesus. I recall early mornings when I would walk in on him still leaning over his well worn Bible.

He works hard and takes care of his family. He supports his daughters — even though he doesn’t always understand us.

I have some amazingly, wonderful memories with my dad — from camping trips to Lego builds. It’s from him that I’ve gotten my love to travel. It’s from him that I’ve learned to explore the Bible.

The list could go on and on!

He’s not been perfect but he’s been perfectly amazing for most of my life. Of course, this puts me no closer to a Father’s Day gift… 🙂

I know that many people have strained, difficult, or even non-existent relationships with their fathers. I know that there are people who never really knew their dad for whatever the reason.

I have been blessed to know my father and to be loved by my father. I’ve been blessed enough to be able to call him “daddy.”

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