Five Fabulous Spring Finds

The cold is finally starting to give way to warmer weather. Woohoo!

As much as I’m a fan of snow, since renovating our camper, I’m finding that summer is calling my name!

With our camper named Eileen, I enjoy the week long adventures as much as I enjoy the quick, weekend getaway. The shorter weekends may not be extravagant or even Insta-worthy but they are perfectly wonderful.

However, before I get to summer, I need to enjoy Spring!


And what better way to make the home more Spring worthy than with some amazing Etsy finds!

There are so many reasons to love Etsy — the variety of items, the unique creations, and perfect little somethings. This past Christmas, every gift was purchased from Etsy. It’s easy to say that I really like Etsy. 🙂

And with Easter only a few weeks away, I think it’s a perfect time to check out some amazing Spring / Easter items!

Five Fabulous Spring Finds —

The Mountain Bluebird Co makes this amazing spring nest. It’s perfect for that extra little something. Add it to your Easter centerpiece or hide it in a pretty wreath. It’s a made to order item so make sure you order today so you have it in time for Easter dinner.

Spring Nest

Just a Bird Printables has some beautiful prints and these digital downloads are simply divine! Of course, I particularly love that these are instant downloads. Click, click, and print — Bam! Art ready for my walls.

Spring Wall Art

Of course, we all know that a bunny is needed to complete the Easter vibe! Engrave Celebration makes these super cute bunny napkin rings. I love personalized touches at a celebration. The meal may be “ordinary” but that personalized touch makes the occasion outstanding. So, go ahead, gather your guests and don’t forget that special touch!

Bunny Napkin Rings

While you’re decorating the house, don’t forget about yourself! Olive Bella makes these gorgeous pressed flower necklaces. This necklace has a simple elegance that is perfect for Easter dinner or a Tuesday afternoon.

Pressed Flower Necklace

Finally, there’s no Easter without Jesus. Rae Design Co. has a wonderful, farmhouse inspired sign that’s a Easter great but also an all-year reminder to praise! After all, without the resurrection — the whole of life is just not the same! Thank God, He is risen! He has risen indeed!

He is Risen

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