Crafts you’ve never tried…

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. – Pablo Picasso 

God is amazingly creative! When we talk about Him, we often forget to mention that He is the all-creative one. And since we’re all created in His image then it stands to reason that we’re creative too!

Okay, okay, I get it, you may not feel creative or maybe you feel like your creativity is sub-par. Well, you are creative and you’re creativity is not sub-par. It might just be mis-aligned or hidden away with all the hours spent starting at the phone or Netflix. But I promise, it’s there!

On the flip side, maybe you are creative. Maybe, you’re just looking for something new! Awesome!

Crafts you've never tried but probably should

Creativity and creative adventures are not something I often talk about on this blog. My creative processes are still works in progress and that doesn’t always make for a good blog post. Personally, I consider myself more of artistic explorer. I’ve never found one thing I can stick to for a very long time time.

And that’s okay.

Art isn’t about having it figured out — or even about being good.

It’s about exploration and trying. It’s about allowing yourself the freedom to try something creative. It’s about exploring that God-reflecting part of yourself.

I’m partial to paint at this time in my life but it wasn’t always that way. I’ve explored upcycling, scrapbooking, candle making, photography, quilling, wood working, wood burning, and even a variety of yarn related crafts. I’m currently working with inks, resin, watercolor, and digital mediums!

Each of these crafts offers something a little different. There’s a different flavor involved in each craft — which is great since we live in a world full of different flavor loving people!

Crafts you've never tried but probably should

If you’ve never considered yourself a creative person or you’re just looking to try something new, here’s my list of —

Craft you’ve never tried but probably should — 


This craft may be for you if you like detailed, intricate work. It’s not really a difficult craft but it can create some amazingly beautiful pieces of art.

What? You’ve never heard of quilling? It’s okay. Neither had I until Jay’s great-aunt introduced me to it. It’s pretty simple in explaination —  Strips of paper are rolled, bent, or formed to create simple shapes. Those simple shapes are then placed together to create an amazing work of art!

Quilling is a relatively easy art but it does take time to build up those fantastical pieces. If you’re interested to learn more, here’s a video from PaperZen that will walk you through the basic beginning step. This is closest thing I could find to a time machine taking me back to my husband’s great-aunt teaching me the lessons her mother taught her! 🙂

This may not be for you if you tend to go cross-eyes when looking at small objects for an extended period of time. This may just be a me issue because I tend to put my face too close to whatever I’m working on. (I was tested more times than anyone else I know for glasses as a child.)

If you find you enjoy quilling, you’re local craft store will probably have some supplies but I enjoyed starting with a full kit like this one from Amazon!

Quilling Tools

2.Loom Creations

This craft may be for you if you enjoy looking at all the pretty yarns at the craft store! Haha! I’m only kinda, sorta kidding because this is exactly how I got into it.

I tried knitting and I couldn’t keep track of my stitches. I would get distracted and things just went down hill from there. I personally love the Martha Stewart Knit and Weave Kit because I’m not limited to just one type of project.

Loom creations vary with the type of loom purchased so I own this –

Martha Stewart Knit and Weave Tool

There’s the option for scarves, hats, wall tapestries, toys, and even pot holders because you’re able to configure the loom to meet your needs. Additionally, Martha Stewart’s website is full of projects and ideas so it’s never difficult to find something else amazing to try!

3.Candle Making

As with all these craft forms, this is another oldie. However, we no longer need to make candles for light. We have the pleasure of making them for the art of the process.

This craft may be for you if you have a bit more space to store supplies, if you enjoy a variety of scents, and/or you’re looking for simple but personal gift.

I spent many years making candles in middle and high school. It was something my mom and I did together to make gifts for the extend family and friends. It’s an easy craft and you can get as wild and crazy as you’d like.

Most craft stores sell supplies but for a true beginner kit, I recommend a kit like this one.

Candle Kit

Candle making is super simple and everyone loves receiving a candle. While starting with a kit makes for good practice, candle making can grow to include elements of nature, natural coloring, and almost infinite ways to “bottle” the projects.

Creating isn’t, of course, limited to supplies found in the craft store. Creating can be done with music, words, or even dance!

Places like Youtube and Skillshare have some great content to learn a new thing or two. Personally, I’m a fan of Skillshare because there’s less “junk” but you do you! Just try something! Dare yourself to be creative!


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