Birthday Thoughts

Today is my birthday.

As a blogger, I understand that I’m supposed to talk about all the amazing things I’ve learned in my last 35 years or share my list of goals to accomplish in my 35th year.

But the truth is, I don’t want to. Life lessons are talked about all the time! You know the stuff — Don’t take yourself or life to seriously. Balance your budget. Don’t eat yellow snow. Blah, blah blah. As for goals, well, we just did the whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing so that feels a little overdone.

Each passing year brings more great experiences and a few more gray hairs. Time isn’t an enemy so I’ve always been okay with getting older.

Except when it comes to the festivities!

Happy Birthday

Maybe you love your adult celebrations but I often miss my childhood birthday parties.

My mom was in her element when she was planning and pulling off parties. Before the internet offered hundreds of activities for children, my mom was organizing chin people music videos, wacky two-person make-up demonstrations, and countless weird but wonderful kids games.

I’ve never asked her how she felt about planning such events — I don’t really want to know. I want those times to live as tribute to her creativity and love.

Now, as an adult, I enjoy the things I do for my birthday. The gathering with friends, games, experiences, and laughter. But there’s something special about those carefree, social media absent, shoestring budget events.

Happy Birthday

I often wonder about child stars or kids of today. Do they have those same kind of wacky parties? Do people even do this kind of thing anymore?

There are no children residing in my home. I don’t plan birthday parties or black light talent show dances. I do plan crazy events for teenagers that are low-budget and a wacky sort of fun. And I love every minute of it!

Sometimes they like the events but as time marches on more of the students complain about the mess, feeling weird, and how the event interferes with their busy schedule.

As another year ticks past, I’m thankful for the gray hairs that accumulate. Age is not a privilege given to all. I’m happy for the freedom and choices that come with adulthood! My thirteen year old self would never have been allowed ice cream for breakfast even if it was my birthday!

Happy Birthday

However, sometimes, especially on my birthday, I miss someone else planning those wacky, weird, and wonderful parties. I miss the unspoken understanding that we were all gonna look a little crazy but that was okay.

Maybe I need to start a side-hustle planning those kind of parties? Maybe no one plans them because no one knows how? Maybe people really are too busy? Or too addicted to their phones? Maybe the day for those parties have passed? Maybe everyone thinks I’m just too old to enjoy that kind of thing anymore?

Whatever the case, thanks for listening to my birthday thoughts. I know it’s not exactly “helpful” or “inspiring” but maybe, just maybe, I’m expressing something you often feel but never express.

No? Okay, so this is all just me. Waaa waaaa 🙂

Happy Birthday

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