Currently I am… October Edition

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Today, I’ll teach my 100th VIPKid class. It’s crazy to think about but it’s a good sort of crazy. My mornings are more action packed but I laugh a lot more each morning too.

If you’ve got a college degree and you’re looking to make a little more each month, I can’t tell you enough how amazing this job is. Seriously, I think this is the best job I’ve ever had.


Aside from the update on my employment status, I’ve decided to write a little update on my life.

Currently I am...

Currently I am…

Thinking about Our Finances

We’ve been working to get out of debt and we’re finally seeing the last few payments. It’s incredibly exciting! Sure, we’ll still have to finish paying off Jay’s car for about a year more and we’ll have student loans for a few years after that but small victories right? 🙂 With our all of our credit cards, my car, and some other small miscellaneous things being paid off, we’re planning the next steps with our freed up income.

Enjoying my new Schedule

After my classes are done each day, I have time to write and paint and learn. I don’t know if it’s because I’m forced to wake up fully each morning but my days have felt more productive. I feel like I have more time and that more is getting done. Which is good because I’ve got some exciting things cooking.

Feeling Anxious

Okay, this seems to counter my excitement but life is complicated. I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS so pregnancy is unlikely and difficult. Before we ever got married, we decided that we didn’t want to become a couple consumed with getting pregnant if it didn’t seem to be in the cards. This led us to an adoption which sadly fell though. Well, after a few years time, we’re back talking about it. And it’s kinda, sorta really nerve wracking!

Overthink It

Wearing my hair in Pigtails

Odd. I know. But early morning mean easy hair styles so this is what’s been working. 🙂

Needing to better manage my Time

While I feel as if I have more time, I’m also feeling pretty ADD. I have several projects in process and almost none finished. Gotta get me some better time management.

Wanting Fall!

It’s the second week of October and it’s as hot as summer. Grr. I love boots, sweaters, and all the Autumnal foods. So, seriously, Mother Nature needs to get her crap together. However, I’m trying to enjoy the warmth while it’s still here and not rush Nature.  Live in the moment and all that jazz.

Fall Bundle

 Reading a lot less

With my mornings become more busy, I’m pretty tuckered out by the end of the day. Bed time is my main reading time and the early mornings are seriously cutting into this time. Thankfully, I’m ahead of my reading goal time line so I should still hit my 60 book goal. Yay!

Listening to My Body

Changes, changes, changes. I keep going back to this but changes create other changes. In my first month of VIPKid, my body feel beat. I had to work to keep in-touch with what my body was trying to tell me so that I wasn’t negatively impacted and neither was my work or my marriage. A month later, I’m doing better — my body isn’t so weary anymore but I’m so glad I was listening to it all along.

Making super PCOS friendly foods

Normally, I try to share a recipe or two each month. This hasn’t happened in a while because spinach omelettes aren’t exactly share worthy. This big push was a result of me listening to my body. The change to my diet has had a positive impact on my body. It may not be share worthy but I’m happy with it.

Eating Clean

Eating Clean

It’s more like clean-ish but I’m happy with that.

Drinking tea and Kombucha

Tea has become more morning drink (although I’ll still drink a cup of coffee later in the day). I’m not really stingy about one or the other but I do think coffee is a little more calming. With the clean-er eating, I’m enjoying Kombucha. Jay’s not a fan but that just means he won’t tap into my stash. 🙂

What do you think about this unique drink? Are you a Kombucha drinker or no?

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