More than Conquerors

Now, in all these things we are are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. Romans 8: 37

More than several years ago I was a history teacher. World History, American History, Government, etc. I enjoyed a lot about teaching but my favorite moments were the light bulb moments. Light bulb moments happened when all of a sudden a student gets it.

I may have been teaching about the Middle Ages for two weeks and in an instant a student realizes that the lesson happened to real people who lived very real lives. It was always amazing. My own light bulb moments are pretty cool too. 🙂

 Recently, this passage in Romans flicked the switch for me. The word ‘conquerors ‘ made me think of the Conquistadors, something I had taught about every year. The Conquistadors were Spanish soldiers/explorers. They were not known for being tame or mild. Their reputation was one of destruction.

When I read ‘more than conquerors’, I picture myself as a Conquistador. Granted, I’m not pillaging towns and causing mass genocide but I do want to known as someone who, ‘through Him’, conquers the things of this world.

More than Conquerors

Paul speaks not of an actual war and he certainly doesn’t speak of us conquering the world in the way that the Conquistadors set out to do. No, Paul addresses the things that we conquer when he says ‘all these things. ‘All these things’ is a referral back to verse 35.

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword.

Trouble, yep, I have some of that. Hardship, a little at times. Persecution? Famine? Nakedness? Swords? Not so much. Most of us only face the trouble or hardships. Bills are arriving faster than the money needed to pay them. Health issues arise at the perfectly wrong time. Family trouble or trouble starting a family make us feel helpless.

Life circumstances overwhelm and we are certainly facing trouble or hardship but most Christians don’t face persecution like Paul did. And most of us wouldn’t even know where to find a sword let alone where to find an opponent wielding one. Still, even if we did find a sword bearer, we know that it could not separate us from God’s love. His love has give us victory over all those things.

More than Conquerors

As amazing and awesome as that is, it’s something that most of us have heard at some point in our Christian walks. It’s almost become ordinary and routine.

We know that His perfect love may not always appear as we desire it too. We know that through Him we are more than conquerors. We know that there will be hardships and trials and difficulties.

I can’t create a light bulb moment for you. I can’t make this seem less routine but I can show you my own light bulb moment. Maybe it’ll help your light bulb go off. My light bulb moment came as I read ‘more.’

More than Conquerors

I love reading the ticker at the bottom of ESPN. Whoever writes the scrolling blurbs should be my friend. A team that wins by one score “managed a win” over their opponent but the team that won by a lot “annihilated” the other team. If you ever want to see the difference between a win and a win just watch the ESPN Bottomline.

Don’t worry, that paragraph did have a purpose. The landslide win is the ‘more’ that Paul wants us to understand.

‘More than conquerors’ is just what it sounds like. It can also translate to mean ‘to thoroughly conquer, go beyond conquest.’ God has made us just that. In any circumstance, you can not only overcome it but you can ‘more than’ overcome it. You can own it thoroughly and completely.

This doesn’t mean that the money for the bills is just going to start pouring in but it does mean that God can get you through it. He can work it out for His good. He can bring you peace in the circumstance. He can give wisdom and knowledge so that the situation may be prevented next month. You can survive and you can go beyond conquering it.

However, this can only happen through Christ. Read Romans 8:35-36, nothing can separate us from His love. He will love us regardless of our obedience or not. But the ‘more than’ moments only happen when we’re in the will of the Father. We have to  be obedient to the guidelines that He established for us. Then, and only then, can we be ‘more than conquerors’ in any circumstance.

More than Conquerors

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