Currently I am… August Edition

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It’s been a few months since I last completed one of these super fancy updates but that’s mostly because I’ve forgotten about them. Oops!

Anyways, here’s a little update if you care. If you don’t, well, oh well. 🙂

Currently I am...

Currently I am…

Thinking about Life

Okay, so this one seems like vague and non-specific but it’s where my brain has been. I’ve been thinking about passing time, how quickly it passes, the future, our finances, life’s busy-ness, friendships, priorities, plans, and dreams.

My brain has kinda been in over-drive lately and I’m working to slow it down by creating lists and processing through information little by little but it may take awhile. 🙂 Crazy brain.

Enjoying the Creative Process

I’ve been terrible about posting to Instagram mostly because I’m in weird stage but I’m very much enjoying the stage that I’m in. I’m exploring various avenues in painting. The new challenges are enjoyable and fun. I can’t say that I love throwing away another failed attempt but I’m enjoying the process and creating some simple but cute things that are available in my Society6 store

Feeling excited about Trying Something New

My degree is in education and I taught in the regular school system for several years before we moved to Pennsylvania. When we moved to Pennsylvania, our life changed and I quit teaching. Recently, I’ve signed up to teach for VIPKids.

Basically, I log onto my computer, teach an English lesson to students in China, and get paid. There are no lesson plans to write, papers to grade, or meetings to attend. I have the privileged to teach but with only a part time commitment. The opportunity seems like a fun challenge! Plus, who couldn’t use a little extra income?

Wearing Racerback Tanks


This is something that started changing about a year ago but this summer I’ve been hooked! My personal favorite are these super comfy graphic tanks from Target!!

Target Tank

Needing to Better Schedule in Writing Time

I enjoy writing. Except the getting started part. I really hate that part. The research isn’t bad and the process is enjoyable so I don’t know why I can’t get over the getting started part. 😦 I know it’s just because I don’t schedule myself the time to actually do it. That needs to change. Got any advice?

Wanting Nothing


Nothing might be a bit of a stretch but it’s pretty close. A great deal of this comes from the fact that I’ve been thinking a lot about life lately but overall, I’m feeling pretty content. Sure, I could still use an I-Pad, a live in cook, and more time to camp but on the whole, I’m feeling pretty happy with my lot in life. (I can tell I’m a pessimist because even as I just typed that I thought, “Okay, now that I’ve said that, what’s gonna go wrong?” *Insert Palm to Face Emoji*)

 Reading a lot about the Holy Spirit

Most Christians acknowledge the Holy Spirit but this part of the Trinity is much discussed. I don’t really wanna get into it all but it is what I’ve been reading about.

Listening to Nature

The heat wave has finally broke and my window can stay open! Woo Hoo!! And although I’m not always a fan of living in the middle of nowhere, the sounds of nature are amazing.  Don’t live in the Middle of Nowhere? Try one of these!

Nature Sounds


Making Food in my Instant Pot

On Prime Day, I joined the hundreds of women who sing praises of their Instant Pot. I’m always a sucker for kitchen gadgets and while many of them end up being forgotten, this is one that has already earned its keep. I’ve been super happy with this purchase and I’ve already used it for cheesecake, rice, beans, chicken, sauce, raspberry puree, and much more!

Instant Pot

Eating Cheesecake

See previous. 🙂 Using my faux Magic Bullet and my Instant Pot, I can have cheesecake made and in the fridge in less than a half hour! It’s A-MAZE-ING! Not healthy necessarily but awesome.

Drinking Not Enough

This is evidence of my lazy tendencies. Many times throughout the day I’ll think, “Wow! I’m thirsty!” but do I get up and get a glass of water? Nope. It’s sad but true.

What’s happening in your life? Anything fun?

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