10 Faith Based Etsy Finds I’m Loving

Prime Day has come and gone. And as much as I love a good deal — like the Instant Pot I purchased because I have a strange obsession with kitchen gadgets — I love handmade items even more.

I love finding unique pieces at craft shows and even at the thrift store. One of my favorite gallery wall purchases is a set of four embroidered nature scenes. Each 12 by 12 scene is a different season and the stitch work is gorgeous!

Of course, the go to for handmade items these days is generally Etsy! I adore Etsy — after all, I am an Etsy seller. 🙂 But I love admiring so many artists’ work and seeing the wide array of products so I frequently just browse and admire. Ah, the joys of modern technology.

Before we go too much farther, I should tell you, I love Etsy so much that I became and Etsy affiliate. That means that when you purchase an item I share, I get small portion. This helps me out TREMENDOUSLY! I make my money on-line and though it’s only a small amount, it helps our household.

Anyway, back to my browsing. I want to share with you ten faith based items that I’m loving right now!

  1. Faith sign by JamesandAliceWalk by Faith
  2. Be Brave necklace by LittleLighthouseDBe Brave
  3. Take Me Deeper necklace by TheForgedWordTake Me Deeper
  4. He Moves Mountains coffee mug by FruitoftheSpiritCoHe Moves Mountains
  5. Grace Changes Everything sign by MyTRUSTEDTreasuresGrace Changes Everything
  6. Grace upon Grace notebook by ThroughCreationGrace upon Grace
  7. If The Stars Were Made To Worship tee by FishFoodTeesIf the Stars
  8. Faith sticker by AmareLetterShopFaith
  9. Be Still leather cuff by BrandywineLeatherBe Still Cuff
  10. Pray About It Girl by PrintableHappiesPray About It Girl


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