5 Crucial Steps to survive Life’s Balancing Act

I often struggle with the balance of content here in my own little corner of the blog-o-sphere — also, can I actually have a corner when it’s a sphere?

Anyway, I have issues.

I enjoy writing about Christian topics and I find a good deal of my content directed that way. However, I also enjoy sharing recipes, projects, fun finds from Etsy, and updates from my own life.

Life's Balancing Act

I never want to be dishonest — to myself, with those I come in personal contact with, or on-line. I don’t want people to think their coming to a blog about cooking only to find a few recipes and a lot of religious posts.

My blogging balancing act hasn’t yet been perfected but I allow myself some grace and continue to explore avenues to find what works for me. However, just when I think I have a perfect balance sorted, life throws a curve ball and I’m back at square one.

This balancing and re-balancing act doesn’t just happen on-line and I’m sure it doesn’t just happen to me. Life is full of curves and curve balls. It’s a constant high-wire circus act that sometimes includes a fall to the netting below.

Life's Balancing Act

Most of us have heard some rendition of, “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall. It matters how many times you get up.”

What no one really talks about are the feelings of guilt, worry, and/or disappointment when we fall. Sure, we’ll occasionally discuss the thoughts of comparison but what about all the other feeling that accompany?

Okay, maybe this is just a me issue.

Maybe it’s just me that worries that I missed something big when the balancing act was not so balanced and I fell head first. Maybe it’s just me that is disappointed in myself and filled with concerns that I also disappointed those I love. And maybe it’s just me that grows discouraged and allows doubts to creep into my thinking.

Life's Balancing Act

The falls in life aren’t ever fun but their damage increases when negative thoughts contaminates our thinking.

So, how to we combat those negative thoughts and climb our way back up to the high wire? Here are the five crucial steps that I’ve found helpful in surviving life’s balancing act.

1. Acknowledge your thoughtsLife's Balancing Act

Everyone gets discouraged. It’s human nature. There’s nothing wrong with getting discouraged. We know we can’t live there but we also have to know where “there” is.

When life gets unbalanced or when we’re laying face down after a fall, we need to be aware of which direction our thoughts are traveling. If it’s self-doubt then we’ll need a different path than if we’re feeling like we missed that “moment” when our destiny unfolds before us.

2. Tell those negative thoughts to shut-up

Life's Balancing Act

Telling the negative thoughts to shut-up and go away isn’t easy. Taking our thoughts captive isn’t a small task but victory starts here. Since I’ve already acknowledges the negative thoughts, I find it helpful to answer back to each variety. I tell self-doubt that a fall is just making me stronger. I tell discouragement that falls are part of the learning process.

3. Remember God is bigger than your falls

Grace is Sufficient

God doesn’t give up on us just because we fall or lose our balance. He’s not surprised by our human weaknesses. In fact, He reminded us that His “power is made perfect in weakness.” Awesomeness! I don’t have to be perfectly balanced — God’s power in me is perfected through my weakness! I don’t know about you but that always takes a good deal of the pressure off of me.

4. Take a deep breath

Life's Balancing Act

Rest is okay but we can’t park it there. Catch your breath, grieve the loss of balance, and take the time to re-charge. You have permission to not hustle for every moment of your life!

5. Get going againLife's Balancing Act

The climb back up to the high wire might be a lot of work but we’ve got a greater Power within us now. Adjust as needed to prevent the same fall again and again. Maybe you need to build in more breaks. Maybe you need more time with your Bible and in prayer. Maybe you need to step back and try fewer tricks on the highest wire. Most importantly, give yourself some grace. It’s okay to fall.

Balance isn’t easy. Flexibility is required so we can adjust and adjust again to the challenges of this life. But God is greater than our falls and we are more than conquerors! We can do this!!

Life's Balancing Act

2 thoughts on “5 Crucial Steps to survive Life’s Balancing Act

  1. I love the practicality of this post! It’s so easy, after a fall, to spend some time wallowing or berating ourselves, but that’s not the end. Falling isn’t a bad thing, just a learning opportunity and God kindly helps us stand back up, dust ourselves off, and get back to it again. Thanks for sharing!


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