Why I don’t address trending topics

Bloggers, Tweeters, Social Media Influencers — they know that “trending topics” make for good statistics. Comments, re-tweets, shares, likes, and visits are up when the conversation is a subject that people feel passionately about.

Well, they feel passionate for the present at least.

Addressing Trending Topics

As a society, we are so saturated in information and the latest news. Social Media keeps us in-the-know and generally, people are quick to have options about the matter.

Many of those opinions are driven by a fleeting passion. These passions burn bright and intense but they are only temporary. By this I mean that people may talk about it on social media and even go as far as to write to some government leader or give a portion of their proceeds from their on-line business to some seemingly worthy organization.

These steps are not bad — especially the part where they raise funds and exercise their democratic rights. Those can be really fantastic things!

Addressing Trending Topics

But they are often only present for a short time… until the next trending topic arises.

I’m not immune to these fleeting passions. In fact, we often joke about the fact that I either have zero opinion on a matter or I have 110% of an opinion. I really don’t have a middle ground.

However passionately I feel about topic, I’m almost never going to blog, tweet, or ‘gram about the subject for one very important reason.

Heart matters almost never translate properly without a heart connection.

Addressing Trending Topics

No matter how much my blog grows or how large my social media influence is, you can never really hear me — nor I you — through an on-line format.

Although there was a time in my life when I just wanted to convince you that I was right and that other thinking was wrong, I’ve grown weary of that.

Okay, so there are still times when I want to argue till I’m blue in the face but I usually let that vent to my husband rather than on-line.

Why do I do that?

Heart matters almost never translate properly without a heart connection.

Addressing Trending Topics

The way that I feel about walls, immigration, refugees, who wore what, who said what, and all the other issues isn’t going to change your mind and your opinion isn’t going to change mine.

There are people who have influence and to ensure that the spheres are not loaded with un-Biblical thinking, they share Biblical insight — Great!

I’m not an influencer in the social media sense. But I do have influence.

I’m not a voice thousands hear. But I do have a voice.

I simply don’t feel that my influence is best used via social media and I don’t feel that my voice is heard with the most love though technology.

Addressing Trending Topics

My life goal is to reflect Jesus to the best of my ability. You have your own ways of reflecting Jesus and I have mine.

Nothing I say or do on a blog, through a tweet, or on Instagram will ever persuade someone to seek Jesus. Nothing I post will create a heart connection between me and a relative stranger. Nothing posted gives them authority to speak to my Spiritual health and no response of theirs gives me permission to speak of theirs.

Discipleship requires proximity.

I am not a preacher of the Gospel as some others are. But I am teacher and a maker of disciples.

Addressing Trending Topics

Blogging allows me to teach in a written form. It helps me to develop a written voice. But I never try to convince you to learn from what I share. I teach. You choose to learn.

Teaching can be done digitally but not discipleship.

And at the end of the day, I’m more concerned about discipleship and the consequences on that process when I’m so consumed with trying to be heard in an already large sea of voices.

You have to be convinced of your convictions regarding your faith and your social media presence. As for me, I keep quiet about the here today and gone tomorrow issues. I don’t need the numbers drive, the arguments, the confirmations, or anything else to distract me from doing what I was called to do to the best of my ability.

Addressing Trending Topics

One thought on “Why I don’t address trending topics

  1. I agree entirely. Sometimes opinions that are close to the heart need to be discussed face-to-face. On-line is fun, but it’s also impersonal. I save those special kinds of chats for friends and family over a cup of tea/coffee.

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