Currently I am… May Edition

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Two years ago, on Memorial Day, we drove to Maryland’s East Coast (which was not such a good idea with all the holiday visitors) to look at and ultimately purchase a 1972 Shasta 16SC. Yep, we’re mini-hipsters like that. 🙂

It sat for two months, untouched, until we received the final word that our adoption was actually not going to happen. The money we had set aside for travel, legal fees, and all the other expenses was re-allocated to one of two places — savings or renovations.

Although the writing was on the wall, we wanted to be absolutely certain before renovations began. So, in July of 2016, gutting the water damaged trailer began. Then came the re-build.

With the exception of the one week that my parents came to help and Jay took off work, the rest of the work was left to me or to the weekends. We did have a few weekends that some awesome friends came to help but even after all that, she still wasn’t 100% finished.

But we didn’t care! November came and we left. Two weeks on the road was exactly what we needed to re-group, grieve, and process. We also needed the laughter and change of scenery.

happy camper t-shirt

It’s it amazing what a vacation can do!?!

Two years later, Eileen (that’s what we named her) isn’t completely finished but she’s slowly getting there. Thankfully, nothing left to be finished was absolutely necessary so we didn’t really notice that un-finishedness. I don’t think that’s really a word but oh well. 🙂

April and May have been rough on me this year and my anxiety and panic attacks have returned. However, I’m not letting them control my life (mostly). Instead, I’m working on those little things left unfinished and looking forward to our first camping trip. I’m thinking I need this pillow before that comes though. 😀

Sorry for what I said...

So, with that in mind, don’t mind my update being consumed with camper thoughts. 🙂

Currently I am…

Thinking about how to arrange the cushions.

This may seem a little strange but we changed the layout in Eileen so the cushions don’t fit quite the same. It’s now a strange puzzle trying to find a good solution and not have to spend too much money.

Enjoying my recent painting endeavors.

I’ve been more deliberate with painting lately and I’m definitely liking the results! You can check out my artist’s Instagram for evidence — @artbystephanielynn — or visit my newly opened Etsy shop!

Art by Stephanie Lynn

Feeling excited about hooking up the gas.

Before our trip in November of 2016, we hooked up the gas stove to, you know, cook, but the connection was bad somewhere and we honestly didn’t feel like fiddling with it. A quick trip to Walmart and we had hot plates so we shut off the gas — and killed our counter space. I’m looking forward to the gas lines being legit fixed in the next few weeks.

Wearing eye liner!


I don’t know if this is something to really brag about but I’ve done this thang! Of course, I still can’t manage a decent cat eye but I’ve got eye liner skills back!

Needing to book a few more camping trips.

We’ve planned a trip with Jay’s parents and a trip with my parents but we’ve still not booked any for us. This needs to change soon!

campfire mug

Wanting someone to come and give me answers.


This is a little dramatic and only a bit exaggerated but I’ve been feeling a little directionless lately. It happens to me every so often and it requires a sort of jump start but I’m kinda tired of the process. Sometimes I just want answers now.

 Reading Christine Caine.

I started with A Life Unleashed and I’m already looking forward to finding out what else my local library has stocked!

Listening to Silence

Sometimes I don’t like any kind of music or podcast. I just wanna listen to the world around me. That time is now.


Making plans to travel

We head to South Carolina to visit with one of my childhood friends next weekend and I’m so excited!

Road Trip Journal

Eating lots of broccoli

Maybe it’s because it was on sale or maybe it’s just because it’s easy to go from freezer to table with just the push of a microwave button. Either way, my freezer is stocked and we’ve be eating the stuff 3 or 4 times a week.

Drinking coffee

I go through stages where I work myself off coffee and I don’t drink it for a few months but it always calls me back. I’m at 2 cups a day but, unfortunately, I’m not drinking much else. I need to get back to my April habit and drink more water!

Let's take a trip mug

What’s happening in your life? Do you have any good broccoli recipes? 

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