Kid’s Corner: Bananas for Mommy

Mother’s Day is an awkward and often uncomfortable holiday for me for several reasons —

  1. I have a good, mostly healthy relationship with my Mom and my Mother-in-Law. They are both still living and we talk and/or see each other whenever schedules permit.
  2. My first “Mother’s Day” was super worrisome because I could sense that we were already losing the pregnancy but it felt weird to ignore the fact that I was supposed to become a mother.
  3. Jay was sweet enough to get me a Mother’s Day card all the years we waited for the adoption that never came. Now, I’m not entirely sure I want a card or even what I would do if I get one. I’ve tried to accept that, with multiple losses (whether biological or adoptive), motherhood is just probably not in the cards for me.
  4. I never know what to write in a freaking card!!

I should probably be writing about how amazing my Mom is or about how I won the MIL lottery but you’d probably argue with me anyway and tell me that your Mom is better. After all, arguing is what we do on the Internet anymore right? Ha! 😦

Seriously though, I really do have awesome Moms.

Bananas for Mommy -- Mother's Day Card

I could also probably elaborate and talk more about my emotional struggles with my own motherhood or lack there of. Many of you could probably relate because the struggle is real. Honestly though, I don’t really like talking about. I’ve come to terms with the facts (at least most days I have) and I would rather live content with what I do have.

I woulda, coulda, shoulda chosen to write about either of those things but I’m not going to.

Instead I’m going to share a awesomely easy Mother’s Day card for Kids. Technically, I guess it’ll be from the kids but it’s for the kids to work on. 🙂

Bananas for Mommy - Mother's Day Card

This is a simple crafting activity for pre-school age children. There’s a little bit of glue, some torn up paper, and a SVG file to make things easier for you.

You will need a Cricut machine to cut out the cards. You could probably cut by hand but why? Bonus: The Cricut Maker is on sale for the first time EVER! But just until May 15th!!

I purchased my Cricut Explorer Air a few months ago and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve used it already! The technology is easy to use and set up is even easier.  There are so many different ways to use this glorious machine! I’ve made t-shirts, coffee mugs, home decor, and, of course, these awesome Mother’s Day Cards.

One of my favorite uses for my Cricut is making multiples for the kids class I teach at my church. I’ve created animal puppets, cross outlines so they can create faux-stained glass windows, and sheep bodies for the lost sheep. However, I wanted to make something a little different for Mother’s Day.

This card allows students to interact with white glue, let’s them tear up paper, and even practice their letters.

You can find the cut file here or by clicking the picture below —

Bananas forMommyFree SVG fileA Mother's Day Cardfor preschoolers.pngOnce you get your card and insert cut, the kids do the rest!

I supplied my students with white, yellow, and even brown construction paper and let them tear up the paper. Bananas for Mommy -- Mother's Day Card

I then supplied them with white glue in little dishes and craft sticks. Because I took this picture at home, you’ll find my orange handled scissors and glue stick. 🙂


The kiddos covered the insert with banana colored scraps and we glued it to the back of the card front.

Bananas for Mommy -- Mother's Day Card

Once the insert is glued in, children can practice writing on the lines below the bananas and fill the inside with beautiful one of a kind drawings.

Here are two of my student created cards. One was really keen on white bananas and the other went glue happy! Haha! We never got around to practicing our letters instead we had several melt downs — mostly them 😉

Bananas for Mommy -- Mother's Day Card

For this project, aside from needing a Cricut machine, you’ll need a Cricut acceptable pen and a scoring tool. You’ll also need a 12″ by 12″ sheet of paper.

Did you try this project? I’d love to see your work! Also, sharing projects for kids is something new for me, would you like more or no? 

P.S. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you Momma’s out there! 

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