Ghosts of Easter (not really Ghosts)

Easter is only a few days away! Yaowwza!

I spent many days pondering what I was going to blog about for such a momentous occasion but nothing seemed to fit.

Every Christian themed blog writer is going to write about it’s importance — which is great! — but I felt a bit frustrated adding one more similar post to the field. Then there are all the DIYers, Food Bloggers, and activity planners who will add their gifts to the world wide web. Frankly, I’m still learning to plan far enough ahead to give you something of real quality.

So, to keep things simple I’m gonna share a few pictures from one of my favorite sites — The National Archives! I have linked all the pictures so you can head directly over to the site if you wish.

I know this may seem a little odd but I always find it fascinating to see life captured. With thousands of little squares flooding our lives every day, I find it nice to see a picture that was precious. It cost something — most usually, film. 🙂

Mom’s excited. Boy on left is excited. Boy on the right — well, I wonder what he’s thinking?

Easter 1969
Easter 1969

This one is from sometime between 1923 and 1955 (no time stamps here) and it is part of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Catalog. These children just fined their Easter Egg hunt. I wonder what they collect? Or who collected the most?

After the Easter Egg Hunt 1923-1955
Easter 1923 -1955

I love seeing the ones of people just hanging out on the White House lawn. This one is from sometime between 1936 – 1942. By the way, I love the hats! I so wish hats would come back into style! I have my own mini assortment, I just need to get brave enough to wear them more frequently.

Easter Egg Roll 1942

Here’s President Eisenhower greeting the crowd. He’s even got his own basket tucked under his hat. And check out that camera! I wonder how the picture turned out?

Easter 1956
Easter 1956

I love that the girl on the far left is still sporting the Easter hat! You go girl!

Easter 2006
Easter 2006

Later, you’ll be able to hear FDR address the crowd on Easter 1938 but that day was rainy. Here’s a dry picture from Easter 1941. Few hats but considering it was 1941, there was probably a lot weighing on people minds.

Easter 1941
Easter 1941

Special Easter Eggs for Hitler! And although these gentlemen are donning caps, I’m pretty sure these aren’t what they were hoping to wear.

Easter 1945
Easter 1945

I love political cartoons and here’s a Easter themed one from 1920.

Easter Political Cartoon 1920
Easter Political Cartoon 1920

Sometimes, a picture need a little something extra. So, if your interested, here’s a few bonus audio and visual gems.

Here’s FDR’s greeting on a what sounds like a very rainy Easter Egg Roll

Check out these Free Range Children in 1930 at the Greenfield Village School. There’s no sound but it’s still pretty amazing! There’s some sort of human snake game happening at 3: 30 and I laughed aloud at 3: 38. Of course, to keep with Easter, you can find their egg hunt at 4:05 and their egg roll not long after.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the ghosts of Easters gone. And I hope your own Spring celebrations are wonderful and that you have as much fun as the children at Greenfield School.





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