Etsy Finds: March Madness

Disclosure_ Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, with no additional cost to you, the reader, I will earn commission if you click through and make a purchase.March is probably my favorite month of the entire year.

It’s not my birthday and it’s not my wedding anniversary. But it is time for some great College Basketball!!

I don’t really talk about it much but I am a sports person. It doesn’t really matter which team is playing — I just enjoy sports. Granted, I like some sports, like hockey, better than I like baseball but I’ll still watch a good baseball game.

March is the best time for my sport heart to be content because the NCAA Basketball Tournament is probably the best sporting event ever!

So many games and so many teams and so much competition. *Sigh*

Being the wonderful nerd that I am, I decided to find what other people have made to celebrate this glorious occasion — cue the Etsy entrance and the Elite 8 Items I love!

  1. These Hoop Head Hats are amazing! And I know a few crazy fans that would love this design from ShsasyShop —Hoop Head Hat
  2. These shirts from DeesTeesPlease pair perfectly with my comfy pants for a basketball binge.Let the Madness Begin Tank
  3. Yes, to these glasses by WoodenSpoonCrafts –– March Madness Beer Glass
  4. Patent Art Prints are always cool but these ones by WunderkammerStudio are perfect for March.Basketball Patent Prints
  5. Snackage needs to be easy and delicious! These Duke University cookies from JackiesSweetShapes look like they meet all the requirements.Duke University Cookies Of course, you many not be a Duke fan… In that case…
  6. Maybe you’d prefer these basketball sugar cookies from Just4YouTreats — Basketball Cookies
  7. And because comfort is key when watching an overload of basketball and the patent print is still perfect, check out this pillow by PatentPrints Vintage Hoops Patent Print Pillow
  8. Finally, when napping is insufficient, drink coffee in this mug by PointsandPintsBasketball Play Coffee Mug

The first games start today but the tournament continues for several weeks so this gives you plenty of time to order and enjoy a great product (and support a small business) while watching the greatest sporting event!

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