Currently I am… March Edition

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Time is a funny thing. It seems to go slow at times and yet you turn around and it’s gone.

Personally, 2018 hasn’t seemed to move very fast but it seems strange that it’s March 1st already. I don’t know. Maybe I’m weird. Correction, I am weird but maybe it’s just me that’s a little surprised that it’s March 1st.

Anyway, I shared 34 Things About Me last month for my birthday so I didn’t bother with a Currently I am… list. However, March is here and it’s time for another update!

Again, here it goes…

Currently I am…

Thinking about the future.

I know this is super vague but you’ll get over it. I promise.

We can sense a change in the atmosphere and we know that our “regular” life and location is gonna be changing soon(ish) but we’re not really sure where we’re heading or even what that might look like.

Enjoying my regular studio space.

Prior to Greece, I spent most of my time doing Fluid Art. However, since we’ve been home, I’ve re-directed my creative skills to Watercolor instead.  I wrote about the change from Fluid Art to Watercolor in this post.

I still feel a little out of sorts since I haven’t figured out a regular routine yet. Especially since I’ve committed more time to blogging and I’d like to get started on another book. However, even though I am feeling a bit disorganized, I’m loving being back in my space with my supplies.

Feeling excited about Spring!

I’m a winter person. Truly I am. But this winter has felt long and wet. I’m ready for some sunshine!

Wearing pj’s or skirts

Working from home doesn’t encourage fashion. Usually, you can find me wearing a pair of legging as I paint or write.

However, if it’s Sunday, then I’m probably dressed a bit more fancy. I own lots of dresses and skirts so I’ve been trying to give them more air time. 

Needing to purge my house.

We’ve been in this home for almost nine years. Things have collected and sat. I need to do some serious purging!

Wanting someone to come a organize my house for me.

Seriously, I’ve been putting of the purge because it just seems like so much work. I know I just have to dive in and get started but I really don’t want to.

 Reading mediocre mystery books.

My goal for the year is to read 60 books. To help reach this target, I’ve been looking for free options so I’m not better read but broke at the end of the year.

One of things I signed up for is Kindle Unlimited. I haven’t explored the entire library but I was left a bit disappointed. Some of the books are good and better because they’re free but I’m not impressed with the selection.

Needless to say, I won’t be continuing using the service once my trial expires.
AudiobooksNow - Digital Audiobooks for Less

 Listening to Jazz

Music is not my thing. I enjoy it and I listen to it but I’m not up on the latest and greatest. I listen to what I like and lately that’s the Ella Fitzgerald station on Amazon Music.

Making plans for selling my artwork.

I’m hoping to re-launch my Etsy shop with some watercolor work and I’m even looking into getting some art printed on products.

Eating without really thinking.

This is a super bad habit of mine. I make food because we need it to survive. I make what I know because I like it.

However, I haven’t really been mindfully eating. This definitely needs to change.

Drinking a lot of cider.

I love cider. I couldn’t get it anywhere in Greece so I’ve been consuming more than normal to make up for lost time.

Apple Cider

What’s happening in your life? Any suggestions for good reading?

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