DIY Plastic Egg Candle Stick Holders

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Each year, I look forward to one holiday the most — the Fourth of July. Seriously, it’s my favorite.

However, we’re still a few months away from that so I’m gonna talk about my second favorite holiday — Presidents Day. Just kidding!

Then again you probably never believed me since this blog post is title as such.


Easter falls just below the Fourth and it really is only a “just.”

Easter is great enough simply for the reason we celebrate but the food is pretty stellar too. And, of course, the colors are bright and happy.

Easter is the only holiday I have the privilege to host each year. Although, I’m not such a fan of the cooking or the dishes, I love the hosting and decorating part!

My favorite place to go when hosting — THE DOLLAR TREE!!
The variety of choices makes for easy Easter touches throughout my house and the cost is unbeatable. I never feel bad if I end up losing something or throwing it away. I know that next year, I’ll have more great options to choose from.

I’ve only recently fallen in love with candlesticks and my dining room table displays a whole horde of them. Thankfully, these are easy to convert for Easter feels thanks to the Dollar Tree.

Plastic Egg Candle Holders

With a few plastic eggs, scome candles, a bit of hot glue, and a little Plaster of Paris — I’ve created three options for candle holders.

  1. Ribbon Wrapped Inside-Out Egg Candle Holder
  2. Eggs in a Basket
  3. Marble Dipped EggsPlastic Egg Candle Holders

Thankfully, they all start the same way —

Plastic Easter Eggs

  • Start by breaking the plastic eggs into two parts. I used these eggs from The Dollar Tree.
  • Place all the egg-halves in an egg tray. Make sure they are straight!
  • If you are wanting to Marble Dip the eggs, first use hot glue to place a penny in the bottom of the egg then hot glue the candle stick onto the penny. If you’re not going to remove the egg then simply glue the candle stick to the bottom of the egg.Plastic Egg Candle Holders

Side note: did you know The Dollar Tree carries glue sticks? Yep! They’re great (and cheap!)

  • If you plan on Marble Dipping the eggs, spray the inside of the eggs with cooking spray.
  • Once you’r eggs are prepped, mix your Plaster of Paris and pour into the eggs. Be careful not to knock over your candle sticks. Don’t worry if you make a bit of a mess, plaster cleans up easy.Plastic Egg Candle HoldersFinally, let the plaster set.

Easy peezy!

Of course, you’ll have to finish the proes…

If you want to make these eggs the Ribbon Wrapped Inside-OutsPlastic Egg Candle Holders

  • Glue the other half of the egg to the bottom of the egg using hot glue.20180219_132032
  • Once the Glue is set, wrap a ribbon around the seam and enjoy!

Dollar Tree Ribbon

If you want Eggs in a BasketPlastic Egg Candle Holders

  • Glue the other half of the egg to the bottom of the egg using hot glue.
  • Place the egg candle holders in a cute basket like this one from The Dollar Tree.Plastic Egg Basket
  • Add grass and foam eggs and enjoy!DSC_0015

If you want Marble Dipped eggs —DSC_0023

  • Remove the plaster from the plastic eggs.
  • If your bottom isn’t completely flat, use sandpaper to shave a little off until your candlestick stands straight.
  • Fill a plastic cup half way with water. Drop some spring colored nail polish (which you can also buy at Dollar Tree) onto the water and swirl with a toothpick.
  • Hold the candle and dip the plaster into the water. Repeat for each candlestick holder.
  • Let dry on waxed paper.Plastic Egg Candle Holders

Whew! Three options to choose from! Or make all three in less than a hour.

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