DIY Olympic Coffee Mug

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I know that you think tomorrow is Friday but you’re wrong.

Well, technically, I guess you’re right but it’s more important than that. Tomorrow is the start of the Winter Olympics.

I’ve always enjoyed the Olympic Games but  it wasn’t something I talked about for weeks leading up to the event.That’s not true with regards to my husband.

He loves the Olympics! Winter or Summer Games — he has no preference. He just loves the Olympics. Period.

Over the years, we’ve watched your regular events like Ice Skating and Hockey but we’ve also watched Luge and Curling. Summer, with it’s larger variety, is even crazier!

This year, with my goal to use my craft supplies more regularly, I decided he needed an Olympic inspired mug.

DIY Olympic Coffee Mug

Granted, I’ll be the first to tell you that we definitely do not need more coffee mugs but it was better than making him a t-shirt which he needs even less than a coffee mug!

Thankfully, Expressions Vinyl is running a sale for the month of February!

Cheap vinyl is even cheaper!! Yay!!

I chose a very simple design from the Cricut Design Space and just altered it a wee bit.

Thankfully, the Cricut Design Space is super user friendly! They have some amazing designs, all of which can be customized. Rock on! Right?

I selected the Victor Party Favors and deleted all but the torch.

This design was perfect for him since he had the privilege to see past torches and the current one while he toured the first modern Olympic Stadium in Greece


I cut this fabulous design into Oracle 651 which you can get  here!

Once the design was cut, I weeded the image. P.S. If your new to this, that means that you take away all the stuff that’s trash. Personally, I wish someone would have actually told me that. DIY Olympic Coffee Mug

Finally, I used some Transfer paper to move the image to my coffee cup. I lined that baby up and used my scraper to press it on down.

Pulled off the Transfer paper and ba-bam! Olympic Torch Coffee Mug.

I absolutely love my Cricut! There are so many amazing things to make and it can all be made so quickly. From start to finish, this was a less than 15 minute project.

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