3 Lessons from a year in Fluid Art

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You’ve probably seen the videos of Fluid Art Painting on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. It seems this art form has really connected with many people and that’s awesome!

If you’re still in the dark about what fluid art is, here’s a YouTube clip.

For almost a year, I submersed myself in this art form. I was not nearly so skilled but I still managed to sell a few painting and, most importantly, I learned to relax in my artist travels.

For years prior, I was overwhelmingly concerned with accuracy. It was so consuming that I practically quit painting.

I still dabbled in crafts but I didn’t really pick up a paint brush unless it was for a wall or a piece of furniture.


Time and a wonky memory have stolen from me how I first discovered fluid art but it was probably something from Pinterest and it was exactly what I needed.

We were just coming from a period in our lives that was disappointing and I needed to shake myself up a bit. I needed to move forward and dare myself to do something challenging again.

However, I was still grieving so I wanted something that didn’t feel so constrained.

I started in my basement but eventually cleared out a spare bedroom. Many hours were spent pushing paint around canvases. I was generally messy and I have more than a few articles of clothing that have become “paint clothes.”

Sometimes I would just sit on the floor of my “Studio” and listen to whatever music I had cranked up that day in hopes that inspiration would come. Sometimes it did and sometimes it didn’t.


The days when I was inspired were more productive but the days that weren’t inspired were still fun. I still got messy and I still tried to pretend like I knew what I was doing.

Some days I felt like a fraud, especially when I would watch videos like the one I shared a bit earlier.

And some days I felt amazing! Those were the days that I tried to replicate over and over. They were uninhibited by expectations and I began to remember how much I loved painting.

As 2017 drew to a close, I began to sense a shift.

We left for Greece and I packed a variety of art supplies so I could use the time to explore. There was a little of this and a little of that. 🙂 I spent time with oil pastels, art journaling, and  eventually settled in watercolors.

Source: Art Supply Network Sakura Koi Watercolor 12-Tube Set by HSN

Although a corner of my artist-avenues space still holds fluid paint supplies, I feel like I’ve found a home in watercolors.

Maybe a year from now I’ll feel that way about something else but for right now, this feels right. It feels like home.

Those lessons I learned from Fluid Art Painting have paved the path for me to fully embrace this season and most recent development.

I understand art is a journey, not one that everyone wants to travel. However, if you do wanna explore art but you’re getting caught up in the perfection mindset here are three things I was taught by my Fluid Art Adventures —

  1. Relax —

    Relax as an ArtistPlay some good music, drink tea or wine or whatever, and just do what you do for the fun of it. Buy cheap supplies and call it self-care. No one has to see if you don’t want them to. Art is something that is done for you.

  2. Do You —

    Do You as an ArtistSo you wanna paint cats onto coffee mugs? Awesome! You wanna draw paint brushes on shoes? Great! Art isn’t about making a statement (even though it can be). Art is about freedom. And you have freedom — freedom to be you!

  3. Embrace Mistakes —

    Embrace Mistakes as an Artistor failure. You are going to do something that you think sucks. Probably Definitely more than once. It’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up. Make something of the mistake. Let it sit for a few days after that. Try re-working it again. If it still sucks, start over. It’s okay. Along these same lines, celebrate the things that you think are awesome (even if no one else agrees). Remember, this is your journey and not theirs.

Life is a journey. We don’t ever really know where it’s taking us — no matter how much we plan. We have to embrace today. Draw close to God. Listen firstly to Him and second to self.

We have one go around on this planet. So why do we lose so much time listening to other people’s opinions or self-doubt?

One thought on “3 Lessons from a year in Fluid Art

  1. Art is FREEDOM well I love this and I love color. Thank you for posting this as I am once again confirming that I would love to create art and teach others to be free with art too. I guest each but my is always and forever with art. Thanks for the reminder and with this I will go for a walk and admire the art in nature.


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