34 Fun Facts (about me) for my Birthday

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Sunday is a big day!

Sure, I know you’re thinking it has something to do with that game being played (which I will enjoy also) but it’s more important than that!

It’s my birthday! My 34th birthday to be precise.

34 Facts about Stephanie for Her Birthday

My first three sentences ended with exclamation points. Is that weird for mid-thirties person to do? I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m gonna stick with the internet tradition and make a list. Shock, right?

So, without further ado, mostly because I think you may not really want to read 34 things about me, let’s get started.

    1. I grew up in Northeast Ohio and I think that any place that doesn’t get at least that much snow is doing winter wrong.
    2. I love winter! But only if it’s snowy.
    3. I hate celery.
    4. I’ve never broken a bone but I’ve suffered at least 3 major head injuries. Yikes!
    5. One of those head injuries almost resulted in brain surgery.
    6. Social Media is not natural for me. I have difficulty knowing what to post, when, and all that other fun stuff.
    7. My last named changed from 9 letters to 5 letters when I got married. I still think it sounds too short or like the speaker is choking on my name. (I’ve been married 12.5 years)
    8. I read almost 40 books last year.
    9. This year’s goal is 60.

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    1. I used to think that I wanted to live in the middle of no-where. Now that I live here I realize I was very wrong.
    2. Midsomer Murders is my favorite show.
    3. I’ve watched/read the first Harry Potter more times than I can count.
    4. It’s actually my go-to when I’m not feeling well.
    5. My favorite food is toast. Yep. Toast.
    6. I once wrote and self-published a devotional book. I rarely talk about it because #4 and Self-Promotion is very, very, very difficult for me.
    7. I’m currently working on a children’s devotional that I hope to pitch to a legit publisher.
    8. Jay and I met at Southeastern University in Florida.
    9. I didn’t like him at first and I actually told him “it would take a miracle of God for us to even date.” Just goes to show that miracles still happen. Haha!
    10. I can cook but I don’t actually like to.
    11. I’m not a self-motivated exerciser. I need a class or something!
    12. My favorite color is blue — the same color as my eyes.
    13. I’m not really a fan of the “warm” colors but I love a good pink.

    1. My favorite place I’ve ever traveled is Maine.
    2. I’m not what you would call an “adventurous eater.”
    3. I am willing to try new food — just not ones that might lose me money so I don’t generally order foods I don’t know off a menu.
    4. I’m happy that this list is almost done.
    5. I really loath chick-flicks. Seriously.
    6. Even in winter, I prefer to have bare feet.
    7. I got my desire to travel from my dad.
    8. Growing up I loved Nate the Great books. Actually, I still do.
    9. I got my first tattoo in Greece.
    10. When I was in high school, I did a lot of snail mail. Now, I kinda miss it.
    11. I’m thoroughly freaked out by creatures that move funny — like ticks. It doesn’t really help that they can make me really sick.
    12. I really do like exclamation points! I have to slow my roll when I’m excited about something. Like the fact that they’re calling for pretty heavy snow fall ON MY BIRTHDAY!

Note to self: Maybe make 34 yours last year to make a birthday list.

I know that was a lot but hopefully you learned a bit more about me. Until next week, I hope your journey is going well!!

Journey Well

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