5 Fantastic February Crafts


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At the beginning of 2018, I set a goal to be more purposeful.

So far, I feel I’m doing okay with it. Not great but okay.

One of the ways I determined to be more purposeful with my creativity was to slow down and use what I already have.
Painting Supplies
I know that may sound a little strange but I love buying all the new stuff, using it for a while, and then purchasing the new shiny thing. It’s sad but true. Don’t pretend you don’t do the same thing!

Anyway, I have a machine sorta like this gorgeous Cricut…

Shop new arrivals from Cricut!

Mine isn’t as shiny and new but you get the idea.

With my New Year’s Resolution to be more purposeful, I’ve pulled out my few-years-old machine and found some great projects for the loving month of February.

1.Paper Candy Pouches

Paper Candy Pouch

These little cuties are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Once they’re cut, it would be a great away to get the kids involved so they could make extra special Valentine’s for a few lucky people. You can find the instructions when you click on pic!

This would also be fun in green with little football cut outs for the Super Bowl. I know the shape wouldn’t be right but those brown M&M’s would get the football idea across.

2. A Bouquet of Paper Flowers

flowers I know Pinterest is full of paper flower ideas but a lovely arrangement would be a great way to show some love to a shut in or just someone who’s bad with plants like yours truly.

Seriously though, if you’ve got a neighbor or family member that can’t get out in these cold winter months, delivering a bundle of flowers they didn’t have to water would be super thoughtful. They could admire the bright and beautiful blossoms but not have to worry about bending over to pick up fallen petals. Beautiful.

This link has some great tips for making those adorable blossoms.

3. Personalized Clutch


Showing your significant other that you’re their girl by giving yourself a gift. That’s a total win! Again, just click the pic. 🙂

4. Manicure Time


I don’t use words like “adorbs” but if I did, this is where I would say it.

5. Love-ly Bunting


I’m always a fan of bunting. And old book pages. *Sigh*

This is just amazingly beautiful that I’m kinda wishing for a white washed wood wall.

With so many great project options, I’m pretty excited to get started!

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