Currently I am… January Edition

Disclosure_ Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, with no additional cost to you, the reader, I will earn commission if you click through and make a purchase.I’m not usually one to wait until the new year to start something new but in this case, I totally am. And I’m gonna own it.

This year began many miles away from home for me. I didn’t have my regular food, Netflix shows, or stresses. I also didn’t have my regular art supplies.


So I adapted.

I began searching Pinterest for various ideas and I came across art journaling.

In many ways, I’m not doing it “right” but it’s my journal so whatever. 🙂

One of the ideas the world of Pinterest gave me was a “Currently” list. I’m never going to take the idea and put it into action among all my messy oil pastel, charcoal, and water  color pages but I did loved the idea so I thought I would try it here!

Faithbox - Embrace Your Faith Today!  Here it goes…

Currently I am…

Thinking about foods I’m going to eat once I’m back in the U.S. of A.

Eating out has had it’s perks. Grocery shopping has been an interestingly fun experience but I’m very much looking forward to my Old El Paso Tacos. And Chick-fil-A. But mostly tacos. I definately need this print for the new year! Haha!

Enjoying Doctor Who on this European Netflix.

We began watching Classic Doctor Who when it was still on Netflix and when we were paying for DVD delivery. But then we had to save for Greece so we cut DVD delivery and lost Doctor Who. Sadness.

When we opened Netflix in Athens, we were surprised to see the newer Doctor Who and without even discussing it, knew what we were going to binge on. And now I want these earrings even more!

Feeling excited about all that I’ve got planned for the new year.

There’s something fun and exciting about a new year that makes you think anything is possible. Until mid-January that is. But for now, I’m holding on to that excitement.

Wearing more H&M and Zara and less TJ Maxx.

In America, I live in a very small rural town. Fashion is not a top priority. In fact, I don’t think it’s a priority at all. Clothing is required but the latest trends are about two decades past expiration. I love the people but my wardrobe had to be expanded for a major metropolitan area. Thankfully, faux leather leggings are very popular!

Needing to repack my suitcase.

When we first got to Athens, we stayed in an Airbnb. Then we moved to house-sit. Now, we’re back to another Airbnb. It’s time to re-pack. Also, I think I’m gonna need a better suitcase.

Wanting Amazon Prime.

First, they have Doctor Who so I can get that fix when I get home. Second, Amazon has some amazing things!! Like this totally adorable cape!

 Reading Hercule Poirot: The complete short stories

I’m a mystery person but I’m not a fan of blood and gore. English novels generally fit my mood more than American stories. And Agatha Christie wins every time!
AudiobooksNow - Digital Audiobooks for Less

 Listening to Hillsong United.

I listen mostly on Pandora at home but I can’t get Pandora in Greece so Spotify it is!

Making plans for the last leg of our trip.

We’ll only have a week and a half left in Athens once we move into our last Airbnb. I’m trying to make sure we’ve seen everything we wanted to see and done all that we wanted to do. Details, details, details!

Eating out more frequently than normal.

Living in a very rural area, restaurants are either of the chain, diner, or fast-food variety. Since we’ve been in Greece, we’ve tried to explore the variety of food options. We did budget for this so our budget did explode on us.

Drinking a lot of coffee and cappuccinos.

I’m usually a two cups a day sort of person but in Athens everyone drinks coffee and cappuccino all day long. It’s wonderful! But I do think the caffeine content is lower so I doubt I could keep the habit once I get home. But here’s dreaming! What’s happening in your life? Any suggestions for our next Netflix binge?

Faithbox - Embrace Your Faith Today!

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