3 Lessons I Learned While Hiking

I live across the street from a state park so I do a lot of hiking. Or I try to anyway.

Fall is the perfect time for me to hike because I can wear long pants and not die from heat exhaustion. And I have to wear pants because I’m terrified of ticks.

Seriously terrified of ticks.

However, I enjoy the beauty of nature, the sound of playing squirrels, and the lack of technological devices. I do some of my best thinking on my hikes and sometimes God uses those times to teach me.

Here are three simple lessons from hiking that apply to real life —


1.The journey isn’t always easy. 


I’ve learned that there are sections of trail that are wide, smooth, and easy. I love these sections of trail! I don’t have to worry about where I’m walking and I can enjoy the nature around me.

I’m not such a huge fan of the sections that aren’t so nice. On these sections, I have to pay close attention to each step and walk a little slower to be sure that I don’t confuse the actual trail with an animal path.


Traveling with God can often be smooth and easy but it can also be rocky, dangerous, and not really fun. Even in these times, He’s still with us. Maybe He’s just giving us a break from people or maybe He’s training us for something later or maybe He just want us to rely on Him and not on our own strength. I don’t know why He does what He does but I do know that last statement is always true

I also know that I usually see some amazing things that the more populated areas miss.

2. People are messy


Whether it’s a main part of the trail or a more secluded stop, somehow trash always finds a way to say behind. I really hate seeing all the trash but it was this lesson that spoke most loudly to me.

God did not call us to live isolated lives. We’re supposed to get out there but while we’re out there we can’t expect everything to be perfect.

People are messy. There will be mistakes, missteps, and a lot of frustrating moments. The world is a messy, messy place and I’m no better. However, if I avoid the journey because of the trash then I’ll miss more than just the beauty.

3. You don’t tear down the bridge just because it’s not needed right now 


Bridges are built for a reason. There are times on a trail when the water isn’t flowing for for whatever reason but you can be sure that after the next rainfall, the bridge is necessary.

Application: You can’t quit healthy, good habits just because you feel good right now.

Many Christians quit the intense prayer once they get their answers. Or they quit daily Bible reading when things are going well. For me, I have a tendency to neglect a balanced time schedule when it seems that I’ve got it all under control. This leaves me stresses, frustrated, and feeling a bit lost.

We have to be careful not to undo the things that are good just because they don’t seem necessary right now.

Are you a nature lover? What types of lessons have you learned? I would love to hear them!! 

2 thoughts on “3 Lessons I Learned While Hiking

  1. For me, nature takes me somewhat out of the world and lets me get back to a sense of what or who I really am supposed to be – or closer to what God wants me to be. This is an ugly world sometimes, but nature is always beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story.


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