How to print on Tissue Paper

It smells like Autumn and looks like Autumn but Mother Nature hasn’t apparently gotten the memo that Autumn temperatures should be here too.

Autumn, of course, means Halloween. And while I don’t actually do Halloween, I do love the bottles with vintage inspired labels (even if they do get a bit creepy) that pop up this time each year.


However old they may be made to look, they always still have a new feel to me. Yes, the font and coloring have an old look but the label is clearly new. Old labels are faded and worn. I wanted that look and I began pondering how I could create it.


Tissue paper makes a wonderful stained glass effect. It’s pretty and lets light through. It’s transparent nature made it perfect for my own bottle project but I first needed to get my ‘label’ onto the tissue paper. Printing on tissue paper is actually easier than you think.


Cut tissue paper just a bit smaller than your ordinary 8.5 x 11 printer paper. I found it easier to cut through several sheets at one time. The added weight makes the tissue paper smoother to cut and not as likely to tear.


Tape down the edges. You want to make sure that the tissue paper is as tight as possible without tearing. Don’t leave any edges because it will catch in the printer.


Print one page at a time. I pulled my labels off the Internet, adjusted them for size, and printed. These are some French inspired labels for a different project I was working on. Of course, I dropped something on those glass jars and they broke so I can’t show you those finished but here they are in progress.


Cut out the ‘labels’ from the tissue paper. Again, I gave the tissue paper some weight by cutting the printer paper along with the tissue paper. When I tried to cut just the tissue paper, it tore. Once cut, use Mod Podge to glue the labels onto the bottles. Mod Podge will leave a film on the bottles so only apply the Mod Podge to the label.


Best way to not tear the label: use a foam brush an pull the glue from the middle out to the edges. Don’t skimp on the glue. Use a generous amount! It will prevent tearing.

Let it dry and then apply a top coat. Don’t try to apply a top coat before it’s dry or it will tear. It’s important to note that the coloring will be darker with the Mod Podge still wet but it will dry clear.


Printing on tissue paper is easy and it opens a whole new world of possibilities. Another awesome addition — It’s cheap. Here’s hoping you find a project that will simply be incomplete without some beautiful tissue paper!

Printing Tissue Paper

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