Choosing my Journey

Part of the reason I selected Tent Dweller’s Journey as my blog title was because Tent Dweller was already taken. 🙂

The other reason was because I wanted to be reminded that I needed to move.

I love watching HGTV. From the home renovation ideas to the home hunting, it’s all a good time. Sometimes, I like that the idea of tiny living and I binge on those tiny home shows. Of course, eventually, you get to someone looking at yurts. The potential home owner always says something like, “and I’m able to take it with me if I decide I want to move.” But I wonder how often they actually move it. Or do they just buy something new?

A yurt is a tent and it is technically mobile but it’s also big and cumbersome. I doubt many people ‘journey’ frequently in a yurt.

I’m not in a tent of any sort — unless a metaphor counts. But I want this metaphorical one to be a simple camping tent and not a yurt. I want to keep moving and keep moving forward. I wanted to grow and I wanted to be able to share that journey.

However, recently, I’ve been spending less time writing and more time painting, more time reading, and more time in prayer. I’ve not been sharing but it’s still been a journey.

It’s been a journey of discovery.

When I paint, I paint with no competition. I paint with a freedom to explore.

When I read, I’m free to learn and grow. I’m free to expand my knowledge.

When I pray, I’m free to be me with God. I pray big (sometimes ugly) prayers but I’m free.

I’m learning that when the computer boots up and I’m staring at a cursor, my brain continues to tell me that I have to say something unique. With the thousands of bloggers out there, I need to say something new, different, or in some sort of a special way.

Competition is the theme of society today and I had accepted it. Everyone wants to be right. Everyone wants to say or do the thing that starts a revolution. Everyone wants to be the voice above all the others.

I’ll admit, for many years, I wanted to be that voice. I was frustrated by the lack of audience and the lack of standing. There was no platform rolled out before me and I was irritated by the stages given to those who I felt were less deserving.

With a grouping of teachers including Time, Wisdom, and Self-Awareness and a Headmaster called Christ, I’ve learned that it’s not about being bigger or better than someone else. It’s not even about being in competition with yourself or striving each day to be a better version of yourself.

Life is about the journey and where you take yourself or where you let yourself be led.

There are several choices in life

  1. We can remain stagnate. We can live content with our life and never change except when forced.
  2. We can live in the competition. Always striving against ourselves and/or others.
  3. We can pave the road ahead and then let the journey forces us to change.
  4. We can grow and mature and let the road unfold before us.

The difference between the third and fourth option is the order. In the third option, we chose our path, strive, and do what needs to be done to travel. The laying of road changes us and we have little control over the changes made to our person. Modern life tells us some line about how this is becoming the best version of ourselves.

But option four lets us chose how we change. We choose our learning — whether it be secular or Bible based — and we grow and mature. We don’t strive and struggle to make the path according to some dream of life that we have. We grow first and let the path change. Of course, we have to be looking about us for the footpaths that develop and not growing stagnate in our learning.

When I first began blogging, I had hopes in option 3. I wanted to pave this great path and live a life that I thought I wanted. But my rest from the journey has taught me that I don’t want to spend my life striving. I want to spend my time letting God grow and teach me and then let Him open the opportunities.

Earlier I said that “Everyone wants to be the voice above all others.” Perhaps that’s a little rash. There are those few who don’t want to be the loudest voice, they just want to help someone else — even one other person with their own gleaned learning.

Thank you to you people. Thank you for not adding to the chaos in the world but with simply sharing your knowledge and wisdom. I may never read all your words and you may never see any of mine but thank you. I hope to count myself in your ranks — one who simply shares a simple journey.

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