6 Things I’ve Learned

Hello Again!

I can’t believe that it’s been a month since I last blogged. Oy! I promise that I haven’t given up. 🙂

Life has been a little crazy around here lately. My parents came for a visit,  we went camping with Jay’s parents, we’ve had some trouble with our neighbor, and I’ve been working on something special for the shop.

computer-472016_1920I realize that a ‘real’ blogger would have stuff scheduled out and would be totally prepared with content for those ‘rainy days.’ And if that makes me not a real blogger then so be it. I accepted my status as hobby blogger a long time ago.

Several years ago, I would have said that I was a hobby blogger who was scratching and clawing and trying to be more than that.

Wait… no, I probably would have said something more like, “Well, I work from home doing a little of this and a little of that but not really getting paid for anything so I guess that I don’t really work.”

Yeah, that’s kind of pathetic sounding isn’t it?

Eventually, after far too long, I came to realize several things —


  1. Work can be defined in a lot of different ways.

    coffee-2306471_1920We all understand what we mean when we say “work” but sometimes we work at different things. There’s work that you get paid for and work that you don’t. I’ve finally reached a point where I can say that I dabble in a few things but I’m an abstract painter. It may not look like everyone’s work and I don’t make much (yet) but…

  2. If you want to make success of something then you have to be willing to put in the time.

    pocket-watches-436567_1920I used to think that if I tried something for a year and I wasn’t making the big bucks then it was a sign that this just wasn’t for me. However, some things just take time. That willingness to quit so quickly wasn’t a sign that whatever it was wasn’t for me — it was a red flag for my lack of perseverance.

  3. Sometimes you have to embrace things that scare you / intimidate you / freak you the heck out.

    motor-glider-2293313_1920Okay, so social media kinda freaks me out. Having to talk about my art scares me. Promoting myself intimidates me. But it has to be done! I’ve taken a few free courses and read a lot about being better at social media, I’m learning to embrace the selfie, and I’m telling that fear to shut up while I keep working.

  4. Learning is part of the process.

    thought-2123970_1920If I build it, they will come… but only after I’ve posted a few thousand pictures, talked about it to anyone who will listen, and gotten better at all of it. It’s not enough to just make something. There’s a whole heck of a lot of learning that needs to be done before success. Embrace the learning and recognize that it’s all part of the journey.

  5. There’s no real timeline or perfect procedure for getting “there.”

    girl-571808_1280Sometimes I have this nagging feeling that I’m falling behind. But falling behind who? No one’s life looks exactly like mine so screw you competitiveness — I got this and I’m gonna do it in my own time!

  6. Everything can’t be done all at once.

    checklist-2589418_1920I can’t create a success blog, keep a clean house, plan church events, mentor teenage girls, teach a children’s class, maintain a healthy lifestyle, read 3-4 books a month, paint, work on my something special, and keep up a legit social life all at the same time. I can select the things that are most important to me, focus on those, and keep the other things as background processes. For example, I spend a lot more time focusing on art and church stuff and less time blogging and keeping up with my social life. I still make time for those things but I don’t stress when it’s not looking like everyone else.

I know that some of these may seem a little obvious but I’ve never said that I do things the easy way. 🙂 Do you have any other helpful hint? I would love to hear them!




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