Making Working from Home Work

Working from home has its perks but it also has its difficulties. For example, I’ve already put dinner in the crock pot and done a load of laundry. This is great because I don’t have to do it all when I get home from work but the flip side is that I’ve taken time away from work to do household chores. Is there a better way to balance? I’m sure there is! But right now, this kinda works for me.

I enjoy having the freedom to get stuck and step away. But I hate that sometimes a whole week goes by without me touching paint. I hate that the house is clean but I’ve failed to check my shop for several days in a row.

While I still get off course at times, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned practical business lessons while endeavoring to do something I had never done before. I’m still learning marketing skills that I’ve never had to consider. But for sanity sake, I’ve been learning how to make working from home work.

In no particular order, here they are — 

1. Give each day a focus.

It helps knowing that one day this week I’ve set aside to work on the home. I don’t have to worry that the bathroom is a mess today because I know it will get cleaned tomorrow. Today, I will just focus on the art.

This is not me — but I kinda wish it was

2. Don’t forget the human things.

I schedule in exercise. I write “Put dinner in the crock pot” on my to-do list. I find the tasks that others have scheduled for them, like lunch, don’t get done because, quite simply, I forget. It’s important not to lose sight of things like food! Or rest!

3. Work hard during business hours.

My business hours vary. Sometimes I’m working for 8 hours and other days I put in 3. No matter what, during the work time, my attention has to be focused on what I am doing. I sometimes still get distracted by life but I do try to give it my all when I am working.

4. It’s okay to be distracted.

I tend to beat myself up when the unexpected arrives. My sister came for a visit and I was supposed to be working on those days. Yes, the work still needed to get done but my sister has never visited before. I called it a few vacation days and made up the necessary work later. Some awesome things don’t come around very often. I don’t want miss them just because my to-do list never seems to end.

5. Relax and don’t let work control your life.

I’ve designated work spaces for myself. I hustle in that space but I try to close that space when Jay comes home from work. We watch TV, play a game, and talk. What didn’t get done today will just have to wait until tomorrow. My life is my life and no one is going to take the good stuff away from me — not even my monster of a to-do list. Granted, sometimes there are deadlines and I work around those as necessary.

Working from home is not for everyone but I love it. I am constantly challenging myself and learning new things. I don’t have it all figured out but that’s okay. Life is a journey and I’m going to enjoy it.

One thought on “Making Working from Home Work

  1. article is quite interesting and hopefully true happiness rays began to warm the hearts of us all, when we can share it with sincerity. Greetings from Gede Prama 🙂


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