Pallet Couch Riser Project


I’ve been home from our mission trip to Curacao for just over 36 hours. The trip was wonderful and I’ve got lots to share but not today. There’s unpacking, laundry, and all the catch up one must do when one hasn’t been home in a week — like grocery shop.

However, I don’t want you to think that I’ve forgotten you! So, I’m going to share a project I worked on a while ago for our youth room.

When we first arrived at our church, we averaged 5-7 students each week so we brought in some donated couches for a comfortable, family-like atmosphere. Now we have a good problem — we are almost three times that size. Although we’ve continued to have couches donated, we are running out of room for them but with just a touch of creative thinking, we went the only place we could — up!20150415_202816.jpgUsing some pallets, plywood, castors, and some peel-and-stick tile we created risers for two of the couches. The end result is a series of couches and chairs that resemble a movie theater. It’s really awesome looking if I do say so myself — and I do. 🙂

The project was easy and relatively quick. Except the time at the hardware store. Grrr. Granted, we did choose to go on the first really nice Saturday… as did everyone and their grandmother. In fact, we spent longer at the store than we did actually building the darn things. 😛20150411_145023First, we laid out the pallets. Thankfully, two pallets were perfect. They left enough room for feet and they were long enough for a single couch.

20150411_145027 After we used some bolts to connect the two pallets, we began drilling the plywood to the pallets. The plywood was already available in the correct width but we had to take advantage of the free cutting at our hardware store to get the proper length. We attached plywood to the top and bottom for extra stability.

20150411_154636Instead of painting the whole thing, we used some cheap peel-and-stick tile to prevent splinters.

Untitled design (2)Finally, we screwed on the wheels and lifted the couches onto the risers. We used three locking castors and three non-locking castors. The wheels were necessary so we could move the couches easily.

This new stadium seating is wonderful. The students in the back can see the front more easily and, probably more important, we can see them.

I realize that most (mostly all) of you will never have to raise up a couch or two but I was excited about our work and I wanted to share it. 🙂

Untitled design


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