Spice Rack Bathroom Organizer

It’s sort of like apartment dwelling but not really. It’s more spacious and I’ve got the freedom to paint the walls. I can hang stuff on the walls without having to purchase copious amounts of 3M stips yet I still have someone to call when the hot water heater goes. I can’t change the hideous carpets and the windows are terribly drafty but when the washer went I didn’t have to pay for it. My driveway is less drive-way-ey and more like a parking lot. Well, actually, it is a parking lot. And sometimes a yard sale plot. 🙂20140705_081646Let me explain a little more clearly… I live in a parsonage.

What’s that mean? Well, a parsonage is a church house provided for a member of the clergy. Yep, that’s what Google told me.

My husband is a pastor. He’s not the pastor but he is a pastor on staff at a church. The senior pastor opted for a housing allowance and lives away from the church so we have the privileged of living in the house that is connected to our church.

There used to be a door in the living room that passed right into the lobby but that was closed up before we got here. Instead, we have to walk out our front door, turn left, walk five steps, and turn left again (while opening the lobby door) to get into the church. It’s a very long commute.commute

We can still get into the church without actually walking outside but that requires basement stairs and traversing through classrooms so we don’t generally do that.

There are perks to living in the parsonage but there are also downsides. *see hideous carpet comment above* But on the whole, it’s not too bad.

Of course, I am very aware that this is not my forever home. I am enjoying the time I have but I’m also not making any drastic changes and I’m cautious with purchases. After all, eventually, my stuff is either gonna have to go with or just go away.

Bathrooms are particularly difficult for me. I need storage but I don’t want to have to hang expensive shelves. Plus, the half bath needs something smaller but still inexpensive. Cue the thrift store!! close upI spent more on the S-hooks than I did on the shelf and the paint. Or at least I would have if I hadn’t already purchased the S-hooks for something else for which they never got used.

This adorable bathroom storage used to be a spice rack! Can you believe it!?! Okay, so it still kinda looks like a spice rack but it’s perfect for the essential oils, nail polish, and the few extra things I like having handy.

It was ugly at first. Like really ugly. original

Love the change? Wanna make one too? It was super easy.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Old Spice Rack
  • Paint
  • S-hooks
  • A drill

Here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Clean spice rack
  2. Drill holes on the bottom rung (be sure your holes are bit enough for the S-hooks to hook into)
  3. Paint spice rack until it becomes new looking
  4. Add hooks and hang on the wall.
  5. Add all your lovely stuff

So easy. Too easy. Is there such a thing? Nah!

on wall

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