Update on Eileen

When we purchased our little Shasta we had easy dreams. We knew that the walls had to come off to repair the little water damage that we saw. We kept almost everything we tore out in hopes of returning it quickly. With each panel that was popped, so did a small part of our easy dreams.

Eileen was a lot more work than we expected but we’re finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. She has been out a few trips even though she still has work to be done — it’s minimal. Presently, she’s more like a glorified tent since her propane stove isn’t hooked up and she has no running water. But the fridge works mightily and the electric is wonderful. However, since you haven’t seen her since introductions, here’s an update on Eileen.

First, she was gutted. This really wasn’t a difficult process. Hardware, benches, lights, and anything else that was screwed down had to be removed. Of course, we tried to keep it all in good condition just in case we returned it. With the easy stuff out, we began tearing off the walls. Pictures were taken all along the way so we have hundreds. But you don’t really want to see how the lights were wired. Right?





Energy was high but time was scarce. Youth camp, Vacation Bible School, and work commitments kept our July 2016 really, really busy. Eileen sat until my Dad came for a visit. One week was all that we had to make a huge dent. Honestly, I wondered more than once about what we got ourselves into. Especially, after this.


IMG_0242.JPGEventually, things started to go back together.




IMG_0357Until we had to tear off the front! *tear*



There are a lot of pictures for the technical stuff like re-puttying, framing, and fixing the floor. But this isn’t a blog for explaining how we rebuilt and the things we learned about vintage campers.

Eileen had her aluminum back on by the end of the week but then Dad left and Jay returned to work. I was left to hang walls, re-install counters, run electric (with I outsourced), run plumbing (which I still haven’t finished), build a bed, and get her ready for her first trip.




Like I said, she’s still got work that needs done but she’s getting there and we loving the time we get to spend in her. 🙂

P.S. If you wanna see the current progress, you can check out my Instagram feed. @camper_named_Eileen

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