Freedom in the Funk

Just before sitting down to type up this post, I found that the photos for my art work are missing. They’re not even in the trash can. šŸ˜› This isn’t such a huge deal because most of it was already posted to Etsy. However, it is annoying and part of a longer series in one of those mornings.

You know what I mean.

The one where you finally leave for the gym only to realize that your class started 15 minutes ago. You use what you were hoping was going to be gym time to go to Walmart instead and after picking up what you needed, your card is declined because you forgot to actually deposit the paycheck. Finally, after transferring the money from savings and on your way home, you realize you forgot bread — something you have none of in the house.

At home your coffee spills, you trip a breaker, and generally experience *bleck* and *grrr*.



Okay, so maybe you don’t describe your day with sounds made when you taste something bad or you become annoyed but I do sometimes. It wasn’t really a bad day and not even a bad morning. But it was one of those mornings. Topped with a missing computer folder, it’s been *bleck* and *grrr*

Now, as a blogger, I’m supposed to offer you three things that can help you overcome this kind of morning. And generally, I probably would. But not today.

Sometimes it’s really hard to shake off that kind of morning. Sometimes mornings like that dig deep into your being and a establish a funk. But I’ve learned a very important lesson throughout the years —

It’s okay to acknowledge that funk.

You don’t have to grin and bear it. You don’t have to shake it off. And you certainly don’t need to ignore it. However, you can’t settle down and live there long term. So, today, let’s addressĀ that funk, listen to its concerns, and not let it ruin our day.


So, while I don’t have three things to overcome this funk. I have four freeing reminders when things go this way.

  1. You are free to admit that this isn’t the worst this ever but it’s still not fun.

    Far too often, we’re reminded that someone else’s circumstance is worse. And that’s true but not helpful. For me, it makes me feel worse about that that *grrr* feeling. We don’t need guilt piled on top! Guilt doesn’t accomplish anything in this circumstance. Sure, I could have triple checked my class schedule but I didn’t. It was a mistake and that’s okay. I’ve learned that it’s just fineĀ to admit that even those silly, small obnoxious things can really put a damper on the day when strung together.

  2. You are free to slow down and re-evaluate what’s necessary for the day.

    Do I still need bread? Yep. Am I going to turn around when I’m closer to home than to Walmart to get it? Nope. I could head back out (I live 25 minutes from a grocery store) but I’ll be out again tomorrow so I chose to wait it out. There are times when we need to allow ourselves the freedom to let the dishes sit, the hustle to slow to a jog, or let the bread wait till tomorrow. Granted, you probably have to work today so you can’t slow down as much as you would like but let yourself slow down in the every day tasks. Stay positive in those tasks you absolutely have to do — practice seeing the good in them.

  3. You are free to take some time for a little self-care.

    The funk can occasionally mess with your head. So, take some time and remind yourself how awesome you are. Remind yourself that you are fearfully and wonderfully made by the God of all creation (Ps. 139: 14). Spend some time in praise and prayer but also in book reading, creating, or in the bathtub. bench-1853961_1920

  4. You are free to relax and remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day.

    Funks can linger. If it stays too long, remember, professional help is nothing to be ashamed of. But for spilled coffee and missed class sort of funks, tomorrow is a new day. Don’t rush through today simply to get to tomorrow. Relax and slow down where you can. Slowing down and taking care of yourself today can help make tomorrow the best!

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