A Painting for Freedom

My personal life has felt a little roller-coaster-y the past few weeks. It’s not been bad but just all over the place. And while I’ve enjoyed most of it, I’m also glad when I can get away and enjoy some music, paint, and freedom.

Today’s featured painting came out of this time. I didn’t want to think about a feeling or a message that I wanted my art to convey. I simply wanted to enjoy the process. I wanted the freedom to simply create.

Not working outside of the home can sometimes feel more demanding than an outside job. There’s no where to leave the work — it’s just always with you. This feeling is only amplified by the pressure that is sometimes encountered by social media’s home-based business owners always talking about hustle, hard work, or how to succeed.

Granted, I know that those home-based business owners live in different time zones and live different lives than I do but, as social media does, it always feels right now and un-achievable. For my own mental health, it’s vitally important that I sometimes disengage and simply enjoy my life.

Hustle isn’t bad but it can become an idol. Setting goals and working to succeed is great until it becomes a preoccupation. I never want to become a slave to what I do. I only want to be a slave to the One I serve.

I know that with this week being all about America and freedom (here in the United States), I should have used Red, White, and Blue but that’s not what I wanted. Colors were selected as I went — and apparently I was feeling purple. 🙂 There’s still a lot of blue and white in there but the red is very much missing.

What do you do when life starts to feel roller-coaster-y? I know some people love the chaos, are you one of those? When you need a break, where do you go? What do you do to enjoy your freedom? Here’s hoping you get a chance to embrace that today!

DSC_0104 (2)


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