Paper Picture Art

If you were to meet me, you would probably think that I’m a pretty organized person. I know this because more than one person has communicated to me this perception. Laughter always ensures because the truth is — I’m really good at hiding the fact that I’m pretty disorganized.

There are lists everywhere that I shove into drawers at the end of the night but forget which drawer I shoved it in the next morning. New lists are created and the madness starts again. Things generally start off well — like my drawers — only to accumulate the chaos that I try to hide and eventually I’m left with the task of attempting to organize the place that I was using to keep me organized. I know — it doesn’t really make sense.

To help with this cluttered mind of mine, I keep a chart of my blogging schedule. (Granted, I’ve been doing this less than a month and I’ve lost it once already. Thankfully, I found it!) On said chart, I try to organize my thoughts based on themes. For example, Fridays are for sharing things I’m learning in my faith. Get it, Faith Friday?

Okay, so I’m a nerd. Sorry, not sorry.

Well, Wednesdays are to share art! Yay, art! DSC_0016.JPG

Although painting has been my go to lately, I also enjoy working with different mediums and down different avenues. When I have the time, I actually enjoy layering paper to create these sort of collages.

The process is simple but time consuming. There’s cutting, gluing, and layering using foam dots. The final piece is gorgeous but I often don’t have that most precious commodity.


Currently, only the first Pink Mountain piece is listed in my shop. This Harry Potter themed creation is sold and the following three are just waiting to get listed.




I know that it’s important to carve out time to create but, honestly, these don’t really sell. I also know that art is something you do for you — not for a sale. But, again, just being real, I don’t have the space to store 50 of these babies! Remember, my drawers (and closets) are cluttered with all sorts of miscellaneous stuff that I’m trying to hide. Ha!

If you are interest in anything here, contact me and we’ll work it out! Want another design, contact me and we’ll work it out! If you don’t really want one but like the art — Thanks! Me too! 🙂

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