Mission: Curacao

As previously posted, I’ve launched an Etsy shop to help raise funds for a variety of causes. Of course, things are slow moving at the beginning but every little bit counts! And that first little bit that I raised went to Curacao. I already told you this here but I’m sure you’re not keeping detailed records so I’ll say it again. ūüôā


Oh! I hear it now, “Ok— but why?”

Good question! I’m glad you asked!

In July of this year, I will be working with my husband, Jay, to lead a group from our church to Curacao. Once there, we will partner with some local citizens building a community center.

Jay and I have been leading trips for years. We’ve taken teams to St. Lucia, Bolivia, Alabama, and Tennessee. Each trip has its own challenges and rewards. For example, the team we took to St. Lucia was primarily men old enough to be our fathers. They were good, hard working men but they were not accustomed to¬†“Island Time.” However, we reaped great reward as our team bonded and experienced miracles.

We’re hoping for similar results we head to Curacao!

Curacao is an island located about 40 miles north of Venezuela. According to Wikipedia, it’s about 171 square miles and has a population of over 150,000 people. They are a constitutional monarchy under the Kingdom of the Netherlands and therefore, the main language is Dutch. It is followed by a native language,¬†Papiamentu and English.


CuracaoOver the past decade or so, Curacao has seen a rise in their Spanish-speaking population. Many  fleeing from Central and South America are looking for safety, stability, or work. With this increase, the need for places to meet in large groups has grown.

In Curacao, we’ll be working through a missionary that we have partnered with in the past. He has coordinated with a Spanish speaking youth/community organization on the island. We will be working with the group to help with construction of a community/youth center.

We not only bring labor but we bring necessary funds. The¬†building will¬†not be assembled in 10 days, but we’ll do whatever is next to be done. ¬†Further, we bring money for supplies. With an unemployment rate around 13%, the necessary money isn’t always readily available for the supplies. Additionally, supplies are more expensive because they¬†are shipped in.

The total cost of our trip is $1376 per person which we are raising¬†by saving. However, our team has worked in a variety of ways to raise the additional $8000 we would like to take for supplies. We’ve sold soup, peanut butter eggs, and candles. We’ve a large yard sale coming up too! Of course, we’ve worked individually in a variety of different means — I chose art!

This project is near and dear so it seemed a great project to start with. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading¬†a little about what we’ll be doing in Curacao.

Although, I’ve finished my Etsy campaign for Curacao, if you’d still like to purchase art and have 75% contribute to the trip, just head over to the shop, make a purchase, and write me note saying that you’d like it go for the trip. I’m always okay with having to write a second check. ūüôā

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