The First Three

Do you remember your Lit. teachers telling you exactly what they author was trying to convey when they placed purple flowers on the table instead of white ones? No? Okay, so sorry about that. But I do.

And I hated it!

Were you the author? Did you know that author? Did the author leave an account of why they made the flowers purple and not white? I didn’t think so!

Maybe this makes me a bit neurotic but oh well — I am what I am. And I feel the same way about art. So, I’m telling you firsthand what my art is communicating. Starting, of course, with the earliest pieces posted.

Seek First

seek first


About a year ago, my church cut down a few trees and I took a few thicker branches from the lot. With no real purpose in mind, they kinda sat in my garage until I began cutting them up into discs. I’ve used some of the wood discs during outdoor parties but many of them I brought inside and began painting. There’s still a pile sitting in my closet waiting for words!

The colors were simply inspired by the bright, sunny day that spilled in through my window. “Seek first” came directly from the Bible.

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6: 33

Last year, I focused more on writing my book, From Root to Fruit, a devotional for spiritual growth. Once the book was finished, I wasn’t really sure where to go next. I began painting just to pass the time while seeking direction. Eventually, Made for a Movement was born. And here I am.

Be Strong & Very Courageous

be strong and courageous mini


I struggle with fear. A lot! Which is exactly why I haven’t really promoted my book in any manner. However, I’m learning to allow Christ to make me brave. This verse in Joshua has become something that I have to remind myself of often.

Only be strong and very courageous. Joshua 1:7a

I’m putting my art out there even though I’m afraid that no one will buy it and I’m working on ways to promote my book. Knowing that I can’t be the only one who struggles with fear, this piece is for all of us who need this reminder.

He Counts the Stars

counts the stars

This was my first attempt with fluid painting. The acrylic paint mixes with a pouring medium and a bit of water. It pours out on the canvas and creates a beautiful effect. From the first pour, the verse began repeating in my head.

He counts the stars and assigns each a name. Psalm 147:4

For me, this is a special piece. If the God of the universe counts and knows the stars but died for me, I must be pretty darn important to Him. If He takes the time to name each and every ball of fire, He certainly knows me.

Do you have favorite verse? Do you have a favorite way to display it? Which is your favorite of the three I shared today? I would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions for future art piece! 🙂

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