Camper Named Eileen

In 2013, we began the process of international adoption. We were so excited! The wait dragged on and on but we knew that it would. However, as our named neared the top of the list, it became apparent that it was simply not meant to be for us.

Things fell apart during the summer of 2016 and we decided that we needed to get away for a while. Although we had money saved, we didn’t want to spend it all on one trip… so we opted to buy a camper so we could have multiple adventures!

She’s a little old (circa 1972) and she needed a fair amount of work but we were excited! We could see her potential and we envision ourselves as quasi-gypsies.

Since I didn’t yet know you when we first embarked on this adventure, let’s see what she looked like when we first picked her up. Without further ado, I give you our 1972 Shasta 16SC named Eileen.


She’s come a long way since these pictures but we’ll leave it here for now. đŸ™‚ I can’t wait to share with you more of Eileen’s transformation!!

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