An Unclaimed Artist’s Journey

Art is many things. It can be created with words, clay, paint, or even discarded material. Art can be large or it can be small. It can make you feel angry, sad, happy, or at peace. Art is a practice that evolves over time. Yet, even if it were to reach near perfection, I have yet to meet an artist 100% content with the finished product. But there is more to create so the the artist moves on. Art is something special and it does something special inside the artist.

The Purpose of Art

I do not claim to be an artist but I do love creating and what I create I consider to be art. Sometimes, I create with words and at other times, I create with paint.

Writing draws deep thought out of me. It empowers me. It gives me confidence in my own voice. Writing allows me to organize my thoughts and connect pieces that otherwise would simply be floating around my overactive brain. I’ve already written one book and I’m working on a second. This makes me happy even if no one buys it.

Painting, the current modus operandi, does something else for me. Painting (or any tactile creating) relaxes me. The processes broaden my mind. Walls crumble and dreams form. I settle into the process and time ceases to exist. Colors blend, material awakens, and vision clears. The beauty that forms makes me happy — which is why my Instagram is loaded with it. 🙂

For years, my arts kept themselves to themselves. They only appeared as Christmas gifts or in household decor. I was never good enough and the work was never satisfactory. I couldn’t say what had already been said and I couldn’t create what had already been created for fear of looking the copy-cat or poser.

Then, one day, I grew frustrated.

Frustration, however, does not negate fear. It doesn’t eliminate apprehension.

I would try something and then quit. Comparison would eek itself in and I would give up not long after I had begun. This was chalked up to human nature, wisdom, and even new vision. But I knew it for what it was — fear.

Eventually, I wised up and decided to face this fear head on.

If I can’t make it go away, then I’ll put something on the line so I’ve got something to fight for. Made for a Movement is my Etsy shop and I’m fighting to raise funds for worthy causes.

Made for a Movement

My first campaign raised $100 for building supplies on the island of Curacao. Jay and I will be leading a mission team there this summer. It seemed a perfect start — funds are raised and I get to see what that money does! Yay!

While I love art, I am constantly annoyed by interpretation of art. My English teachers used to try and explain what a piece of writing meant and I hated it. Even now, when someone attempts to explain what the artist wanted to convey, I grow irritated. I want my info proved to me — show me where the artist said it meant that. Maybe, just maybe, they picked a white horse simply because they liked white horses.

It’s for this reason that I’ll be sharing the stories behind my art as time goes on. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing the art and hearing the stories. 🙂

Until next time, my friend!

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