Hello! My name is…

First posts are a little like walking into a room full of strangers… only I can’t see your lovely face to know how to adjust and what kind of jokes to crack.

Of course, even that washes down the drain as I remember that I’d probably be awkward and try to joke about Star Trek or Midsomer Murders.

*Whew* Glad we got that blank stare out of the way! 🙂

Anyway, I’m Stephanie and I’m the author behind Tent Dweller’s Journey.


Here’s the scoop behind the name — Although many cultures had tent dwellers, one particular one account always sticks out to me, Jael.

Most blessed of women be Jael, the wife of Heber the Kenite, of tent-dwelling women most blessed. Judges 5:24

Jael was one bad lady. Bad in the tough sense. There she was in her tent, minding her own dang business when Sisera, an army commander, shows up to her tent flap. She’s sweet and pleasant at first. She gives him a drink and covers him so he can hide. Then, when he finally drifts off to sleep, she drives a tent peg through his head. You go girl!

Tents are mobile and yet their dwellers make it work. Sometimes they’re staked down for long periods of time but tents are made to be moved. And while that idea still seems romantic and idyllic in my head, that’s not what I love best about the story.

Jael was ready when her time came. She wasn’t out trying to figure things out. She was doing her thing when her moment arrived. Jael could have been squeamish or even afraid, her husband, after all, had peace with Sisera’s king, but she knew her moment when it came and she took it.

Until my time comes, I’m here sharing what I know and what I’m learning on my own metaphorical tent journey.

Okay, so that’s that info. Now, here are fifteen more things about me that you might wanna know —

  1. Ice cream and toast are my favorite foods. No, not together.
  2. I’m 33 years old and I do not have children.
  3. Most of my non-fiction reading is about murder but I hate the gory ones. Give me a good mystery! Thank you Agatha Christie!!
  4. I dream of being a crime writer but, more often than not, I find myself leaning toward Christian themes.
  5. With murder in mind, my favorite tv show is Midsomer Murders. Thank you Netflix for this British gem!
  6. Speaking of gem… I don’t like words that are confusing like gem. It should be spelled with a “j” because that’s how it sounds.
  7. And I don’t like words that begin with the “x” letter either. Again, confusing.
  8. I take my Christian faith seriously but not myself.
  9. My favorite playlists include Jimmy Buffett and the Zac Brown Band.
  10. I own a 1972 Shasta camper lovingly named Eileen.
  11. Crying is just not my thing. Seriously, if you find me in tears then something is seriously wrong.
  12. I always thought I wanted to live in the middle of nowhere until I moved there.
  13.  Hockey is my most favorite sport to watch. However, there’s nothing quite like March Madness.
  14. I constantly struggle with social media. I’d prefer to simply talk over a cup of coffee or write you an actual letter.
  15. I’m a good dabbler and I’m always full of dreams.

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