Blogging in 2019

You know the people or maybe you’re one of those people. You know the ones — the people who seem to adore the holiday season. The decorating, the parties, the hustle and the bustle — it all seems to make them more alive. My pastor’s wife is like that. She loves the holiday season and … More Blogging in 2019

What’s in a Word?

Several years ago, I heard a speaker talking about an incident that happened on his blog. He had written a post that was a little less than friendly toward a public figure. The post was not meant to be hurtful or mean — it was just a funny jab at someone else’s expense. Soon, comments … More What’s in a Word?

Current Love it! List

If you stopped by earlier this week, you found a pretty heavy post about the melancholy I’m dealing with. Don’t worry, I’m not going heavy today. There’s not anything wrong with heavy but today just isn’t that day. 🙂 Instead, I’m gonna share five things I’m loving right now! 1.VIPKid I’m still struggling with the … More Current Love it! List