What’s in a Word?

Several years ago, I heard a speaker talking about an incident that happened on his blog. He had written a post that was a little less than friendly toward a public figure. The post was not meant to be hurtful or mean — it was just a funny jab at someone else’s expense. Soon, comments … More What’s in a Word?

Current Love it! List

If you stopped by earlier this week, you found a pretty heavy post about the melancholy I’m dealing with. Don’t worry, I’m not going heavy today. There’s not anything wrong with heavy but today just isn’t that day. 🙂 Instead, I’m gonna share five things I’m loving right now! 1.VIPKid I’m still struggling with the … More Current Love it! List

On a personal note…

Before you begin reading, I should tell you that this post offers no answers. You won’t find three helpful Scriptures or a list of my favorite things. This is a highly personal post. I’ve struggled with periods of melancholy for years. Normally, it lasts for a few hours, days, or weeks but this time I’m … More On a personal note…

What Halloween taught me about Convictions

Halloween is just a few days away. There are cobwebs, skeletons, and other creepy things loaded up on shelves. Costumes hang just a few rows away from the Christmas decorations. Halloween is an odd holiday for church people. The opinions are varying and sometimes very strong. Inevitably, many Christian bloggers write about why a Christian … More What Halloween taught me about Convictions

Five Steps for Growing in Discernment

You’ve probably heard the word “discern” at some point in your life. Like many words in Scripture, it has a regular, run-of-the-mill meaning and then it has a deeper, more specific meaning. The root meaning doesn’t really change but because God is always considering  both the physical and the spiritual realms, the word is richer … More Five Steps for Growing in Discernment